Is Snapchat down on Fido?

Is Snapchat down on Fido?

Is Snapchat down on Fido?

I'm a Participant Level 1

Is Snapchat down on Fido?

Starting around 9pm on Saturday March 28th, I can no longer send/receive anything on Snapchat when connected to LTE with my Fido Samsung Galaxy S4.


The weird thing is that it works fine when I'm connected to a WIFI network.


Is there something wrong with the peering between Fido's data network and Snapchat?? Is anyone else having the same problem??


I've tried un-installing and re-installing the app to no avail.


Please someone tell me it's not just me.


I'm a Participant Level 1

I've been having the same problem for well over a year Sad
Is it a Samsung issue?

Any solutions?

Welcome to the community @Keshi98!


Did you check if you have the latest version of snapchat?


Hi exT613!


That's odd! I checked from my end and no issues reported with the app. Anyone else in the Community?


Have you tried on 3g, by the way? 


I'd also suggest you to a) try logging in from a different phone and see if it works and b) have someone log in to your phone to see if it works?


I will await your reply with the outcome!