Iphone xs max not being shipped

Iphone xs max not being shipped

Iphone xs max not being shipped

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Iphone xs max not being shipped

It's been sincerely a huge disappointment as my phone is in position 3 for last 2 weeks.


It's not because of the popularity of the phone. I can buy it straight from apple store with no wait at all.


All my office work has suffered. I don't have access to any of my systems and it's just killing me.


No one know when will it ship and it's just so not fair.


Hey @simrangne!


I completely understand your frustration there. I'd want that in my hands as quickly as possible too. Smiley


However, right now we are out of stock for all our iPhone Xs models. We don't yet have an update as of when the manufacturer will provide more stock.


I can certainly look at your options, if you like. Smiley


Can you confirm if you reserved this phone please?


Let us know.

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Well yes!  

It's been 2 weeks now . The status shows Number 6 in line. Status OPEN.


Now just to let you know the store employee told me that every other person was receiving the phone within 2 days of the reserve. So I am quite sure that there is no stock problem.


Confirmed Order Yes..Status OPEN!!!.. Since last 2 weeks it's the same.



Thanks for the info @simrangne. Smiley


I can assure you that the phone is currently backordered at our warehouse. However, if the phone is available in the Apple store as you say, you can certainly pick it up there and cancel the reservation after. That option is open to you. Smiley



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Are you going to provide me 2 years contract then? @FidoPhilippe 

Hey @simrangne!


You mean if you pick it up in store?

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In that case @simrangne, you don't need to worry!


The store (Apple included) will be able to process the hardware upgrade for you on your Fido account, agreement and all. Smiley

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Well, I told the Apple store that I want to get the iphone to activate my 2 year contract with Fido.


They said I have to pay for the device in full.

So pay them 1900+ Dollars and then I I can get the Fido Agreement activated.


I mean seriously is this the solution to my problem or adding to what's already there. 

The service is seriously a disaster. 


Current Situation - fido Store employee has an Iphone 256 Silver. Asking me to pay the 850+ Dollars as a down payment for the contract to start.


So I asked him that I was offfered a special price by a fido sales agent over the phone and also paid him the amount over the phone,


The transaction was legit as my fido Account went to a negative balance. -500 $ Something.


So now the store employee has no clue about this transcation( Acknowledges the negative balance on my account)  and want's me to pay an extra 850+ and then a plan of 120 per month for 4 gb plan.


Isn't it frustrating or there is more that can be added to situation? 

will activate a 2 year plan that is about 120$ 

Thanks for update @simrangne,


We'll need to take a closer look at your account to confirm the recent changes made on your account.


A PM is on it's way, talk to you soon Smiley