Iphone OS 6 data problem

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Iphone OS 6 data problem

Complaint to apple;

I first bought my apple iphone for my girlfriend for her birthday. Ever since i loved it and i went to fido and got myself one. Everything was great and my girlfriend birthday coming up anf I was going to get her an ipad to go with her iphone. But yesterday i noticed my data usuage was 9GB over on data with fido. I was shocked and spoke to them but somewhat convinced myself that it must be ecause I watched Kung Fu Panda on netflix and forgot to turn on wireless. And i spoke to my friends and they told me they have 6GB data and they watch netflix all the time. So i went and checked my usuage and its at over 9.8GB at 2 P.M and 10.4 at 7 P.M. I called FIDO and they said its not pur phone and i should complain to apple. Here is my complaint, and I do not know what you want to do with it. I am cancelling FIDO and going back to TELUS after this month and when I do i will probably go with amsung S3. Whether its FIDO problem or apple problem, the consumer should not be affected by this. I pay $100 a month on m phone bill, neither, $500 charge for cancellation or a $500 buying a S3 is not going to matter for me. But i know where I came from and these makes alot of difference for people and I feel for them. When people invest in your product please dont let them down. If a person like me gives up so easily like this you can imagine how easily the people that invested thier entire moth pay cheque will give up on you!

Complaint to Fido;

I had the exact same problem, and I called FiDO and they said the exact same thing plus telling me its my own phone and its my problem and they simply just provide the service. Its funny because my plan comes up to $100 and they think I actually care or scared of canceling my line for $500. I understand most of you are not in my situation so I feel for being with a company with such bad credential. Im switching my carrier and I am getting a samsung S3. #1 apple should deserve loosing customers for being associated with companies that cant handle their mistakes and not being able to handle their mistakes them self. And FIDO should loose customers for being so ignorant toward this whole situation. I would love to see what the co sumer protection complaint will do as well.

Good Job FIDO and Apple, we are really in desperate in this competitive market for service like this and for a product like this!!!




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Re: Iphone OS 6 data problem

I am also on iphone and OS 6.

I just got charged an extra $50 on my bill for using a gig of data in a day - I didn't.

a) I barely use 500mbs a month; b) I don't watch movies on my phone; c) I know I didn't use that gig!


Fido customer service was NOT helpful. It took me 2 weeks before someone was even willing to look at the issue. They just kept saying some other department was responsible for it and they would call me in a few days. I kept calling back and getting the same response.


Eventually, I demanded to speak to a manager. He told me if I admitted it was my fault and that I used the data, they would refund half ($25). I told him I would accept the partial refund and stop complaining if he appologized and accepted responsibility for the error. He said no, and told me I could always pay the $300 cancelation fee and leave. I swear he sounded like he was gloating as he added up the cancelation fee.

So now I'm worried that Fido can randomely add gigs of data to my bill whenever... and I really, really, really don't like Fido anymore.


I know - I'm 100% sure - it's Fido's mistake!


Take responsibility and appologize, Fido.

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Re: Iphone OS 6 data problem

I'm surprised Fido even lets you post about this issue? hmmm....


I just got my bill too!! been a fido customer for about 10 years.


i phoned fido right away, agent said i had 18GB of data used, how can that be, that's impossible, i hardly use 1GB a month.


I asked her when was were this data used she said all at different times, she gave me one specefic date oct 28, and than said at another time at 3am!, how?? im asleep way before that, if im at home my iphone connects to straight to my wifi automatically!


I asked her i need to know times and dates this happened, she said due privacy issues she couldnt say! well who was this problem between, it between me and fido, so there no privacy issue, than she said there will be a investigation, and she said it will take about a week, i said i shouldnt have to pay this bill, she said its already there she cant do anything about it.


Than she said you must have been using your personal hotspot on your IPHONE, and it must be on lol! i said it is off all the time, and if its on there is a notification on my screen that would tell me hotspot is on.


I think they wont even do an investigatioin, they know they are wrong, and are just pretending. It's simply fraud or a scam.


The funny thing is i was on the phone with an agent a few days before i got this $500+  bill i wanted to see if i could transfer to a cheaper plan as they were advertising, $56, so the agent was going over my data usuage in the last 6 months to see if i should keep the 6GB data or switch to cheaper plan and just get the 2GB plan, so we went over all months going back as far as June 2012, and i was averaging 1 GB usuage only, NOT ONE TIME DID THE AGENT MENTION MY 18GB USUAGE it should have showed up since we were reviewing my past data usuage,  HOW COME AGENT DID NOT SEE THE 18GB USUSAGE??, suspecting me to believe they are hiding something, and this $500+ DATA usuage excuse was just added on just before the bill was released!


i also checked my Iphone 4 cellular usuage, and the evidence is right there, i have had my iphone for 2 years.


We as customers and law abiding citizens, need to go public with this, contact our local MLA, MP's, CRTC, BBC, media( Steele on your side). This is not right, it is a coverup, a blame game, who ever is responsible its not us customers.

If this persists we should see our legal options and come togather on this issue.Fido is sweeping this under the carpet.


Fido will see a lot of customers leaving them soon!


I have a feeling FIDO will probably blacklist me after this, so i will do much as i can.




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Re: Iphone OS 6 data problem

i too had a problem  with  them . and ater weeks of calling ,explain  my story ,knowing i never went over , had the phone checked by apple ,they did reverse the charges. but only  after i  said that i believe that  the upper manegment , were trying to get rid of people that  still had a grandfathered plan of 6 GB. no one offers that  now , Not to  mention  that the manager i spoke too  told me that  they  are aware  that  there is a problem with  the IOS6 ,and i should reset my phone to  use an older IOS (which you cant do any way). i told them  , if they are aware of a problem  why havent they informed thier customers?I compaired it to the tainted meat scare. if the company is aware of a problem  , and they dont inform the public , its on them .

 and i am sure any judge would agree with  that  . this has to  go  public . 

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