Invoice says new phones were $0 you say that's wrong?

Invoice says new phones were $0 you say that's wrong?

Invoice says new phones were $0 you say that's wrong?

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Invoice says new phones were $0 you say that's wrong?

Hi I ordered 2 new Samsung S8 plus on 2 of my accounts as upgrades.

An agent told me they could not send the phones.


So I cancelled my accounts because of various issues I was having with Fido.

Anyways I received my 2 phones and an email I got from fido after I canceled my accounts.

I called in and spoke to a rep who gave me a hundred dollar credit.

and I assumed the phones were free since a. They were sent after fido screwing up a bunch of times.

b.I had cancelled my account and they were sent. I have the emails from fido to verify this.

c. The invoice in the email says S8 device price $1115.00 plus host $143.00

device total $0.00

now fido says I have to pay for the phones.

But do I if you sent me the paperwork saying they are $0.

And they are non contract phones it does not mean $0 with agreement.

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  If I'm not mistaken, when you upgrade your phone, the cost for the phone is charged on your following bill. In addition, it's likely that the sales of merchandise (ie phones, accessories...) are on a separate system than the account billing information. When your purchase something online (upgrading to S8s, in your case), the merchandise system would automatically bill your account for the phones. As a result, I'm guessing the invoice would show $0 from that system -- or else it would seem like you were billed twice (invoice and on your account).


  If you cancelled your accounts after the phone purchase was processed and sent, the merchandise system would have still billed your account and provided the invoice showing $0. I understand they may have been received after you cancelled your accounts, but the order would have been processed before you cancelled your accounts. You would still be responsible for the outstanding balances for the phones on your accounts before they were cancelled.


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Hello @19800891 welcome to the community!


If you received the phones after you cancel your account it could be that it was late for Fido to cancel the shipping so the phones got shipped out to you. What you will need to do is return the phones to Fido so you will not be liable to pay for the phones after all you cancel your account.