Internet chat support / do they know what they are doing?

Internet chat support / do they know what they are doing?

Internet chat support / do they know what they are doing?

I'm a Participant Level 3

Internet chat support / do they know what they are doing?

I won't paste all the reps names I spoke to in the last 10 minutes, trying to get some information about a case on my account, but the service is beyond repair.


Talked to a tech support agent, specfically asked to get an udpate on a case simple.. look up the case id, tell me if it's open or not. agent S, says I need to talk to care.. transfers me.


Talk to agent Na in care, says she can't look up the case, and I need to call in.. well duh, it is passed 9pm offices at fido are closed to eastern customers, what good would that do? no wonder customers get annoyed, that would waste my time... and you guys value the surveys you get?


3rd agent, tried to provide some help, that went no where, as they were a care agent even though i clicked " internet technical support 24/7 on the website.. won't get into this agent G. telling me can't transfer in chat etc ( though agent S already transfered me via chat just fine )


finally get through to tech support, again agent S - same story, telling me i need to talk to care for internet home.. ( somehow she is the only one that can transfer me? ) she transfers me  again to someone else.


Agent C - worse one thus far, doesn't even bother doing anything .. tells me that support over chat is not offered for internet home customers .. really? says otherwise..


Internet Technical Support 

7 days a week: 24 hours a day


Internet Account Support 

Weekdays 8am to 12am (EST)

Weekends: 9am to 8pm (EST)


Look at that .. chat is offered for the following above :O. Miss/Mrs. CW was literraly lying. Though she offered to transfer me, to tech support again, which would get no where. 


But when I linked to her the website, she stated nope not right. well the website says other wise. so who is wrong and who is right.


I copied all the chats because this is just pathetic.

the question is simple.

ticket number = look up, tell me if it's open or not or if it is being worked on.

I am not asking for free internet or a service credit, or any discounts.


JUST a work order

is it that hard?


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Hi @Fowiz1!


Welcome to the Community!

I'm sorry for the experience you had with our chat service. It's definitely not they type of expericen we want for you.

I'll send you a PM right away so we can take a look at your case.