Incorrect Account Information

Incorrect Account Information

Incorrect Account Information

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Incorrect Account Information



I have been with Fido for 6 years now, but over the past few months i have been trying to get out of my contract as i have been incurring too much data overage on my account.


the problem is that for some reason, Fido has my incorrect date of birth on the system, i have spent the last 6 months trying to work with customer service to resolve this, and everytime they say it has been resolved and every time I try talkinf with customer service to change/ end my plan, they cant seem to verify my identity, and i've been forced to pay data overage which i am trying to get out of. I've been to fido stores so they can Validate me identiy but, every time i still get the same issue.


this is getting really frustrating and costly for me. I am really hoping some one here can help me out with this.






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Hi there @ss99


I understand what you're saying & thanks for having taken the time to reach out 😃


I'll send you a PM so I can help fix this asap!