Impossible to change plan

Impossible to change plan

Impossible to change plan

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Impossible to change plan



I received an email from Fido indicating that I have access to an exclusive plan. Since the offer was good, I went to "My Account" and selected "Change Plan", selected the "exclusive" plan but everytime I click the button to proceed, there's an error with a message saying the generic "Please try again in a couple of minutes". I did multiple times on two seperate days and still got the error message, but now, the offer is gone and the call center is closed, so I won't be able to benefit from the offer because it ended on August 31. This is quite frustrating.




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Hey @TetraVaal,



Sorry you were having trouble changing your plan online! I'll send you a PM to check this out with you asap!


In the future, for any account related questions, feel free to contact us through one of the methods here


Hello @TetraVaal,


If you were getting problems applying the offer you should have contacted customer service, I would give them a call during business hours and see if anything can be done.