I want to stay, but u are making me leave!

I want to stay, but u are making me leave!

I want to stay, but u are making me leave!

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I want to stay, but u are making me leave!

I have a total of three numbers on my account and wanted to stay I wanted to stay with fido, but to no surprize, they would not give me the plans and phones I wanted to stay. I wanted to up grease my wife's phone, my phone, as well as locking all three accounts into another 2yr terms. The plans I wanted they offer but only if u bring ur own phone. It would make sense to me that u would want to offer ur loyal customers the best plan possible to your client's pressent price point with new phones to keep them as a loyal customer but I guess I'm wrong. Sorry
Fido, I guess I am just a number.




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@rgmasteryoda08 - I'm just a customer like you and also like you, I'm looking for the best deal with the best service. I think a key difference though is that you should try to be reasonable when negotiating. From the information you posted, I'm not sure what you're expecting is considered reasonable. Now I know we live in Canada and we pay some of the highest prices for mobile services in the world, but unfortunately we've been living that reality for a while and there's nothing we can do about our massive land with little population in comparison to other countries.


A good thing to do would be to take a look at all the other carriers and see what they're offering both to new customers and current customers if you can. That way you can get a feel for what the current mobile offers in the market are and be better able to understand what may be deemed as "reasonable" at any given time. Then when you are negotiating a new agreement or a renewal with your current carrier, you'll be better equipped to know what is currently available and whether what you're being offered is decent (or reasonable to expect) or not.



Unforutunately, it's usually always going to be better when you already have you're own phone but not always. The good thing about having your own phone is that you won't be locked into any long agreements and if you see a better offer available at any time, you will be free to take that offer.


I understand that's probably not what you wanted to hear; however, I feel what I've responded with is reasonable and fair. I'm not choosing sides, just trying to help you out and share some advice and my own personal experience.


Take care and best of luck!

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Hello Rgmasteryoda08,


  Welcome to the community!


  Are you suggesting that Fido just give you (or pay the balance of your) new phones in the name of loyalty? 


  You can get the plans you want. Just buy your phones outright. However, if you want to subsidise your phones, you will have to add a Plus to the plan(s).


  Since you only mention upgrading two phones, you should be able to get a BYOP plan for your third line.


  There may be some leeway afforded for goodstanding loyal customers. However, any flexibility would revolve around the plans themselves and not the cost of the phones.


  I'm sure Fido appreciates your years of patronage. However, expecting any company to give you (or pay the balance of) a new phone is not very reasonable.



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Ok. So I guess u work for to fido, correct. I look at the the cost of two Samsung s6 and they come to around 1550. And fido is offering this phone for 0 with a fido plus plan of 80. Now if just with my plan that I'm asking for , the fido plus plan for $65, for 24 months would cover the cost of both phones. And not only that my two other numbers on my account would be locking in for 2yr plans which I would be paying another 2160 plus your taxes. Then yes I would except u pay for the cost of the two phones and give me the plans I'm asking for. Thanks for ur quick response. Have a good day

Hello again,


  First off, I do not work for Fido. I don't even have any affiliation with the telecommunications industry (except as a customer).


  Secondly, that is some pretty wonky math you provide. The $65 plan over 2 years does not cover the cost of both phones. You're neglecting to take into account the cost of providing services.


  How much is the total cost for the phones and plans you note over 2 years?

Cost of services (BOYP) = $55 x 24mts = $1320


Plus10: $420 + ($65 x 24mts) = $1980 - $1320 = $660


Plus25 = $0 + ($80 x 24mts) = $1920 - $1320 = $600


  $660 versus the approximate $1550 you researched for both phones. How exactly does the Plus10 cover the cost of both phones?


**edit** Those numbers are for the 1Gb plan in Ontario. If you're referring to the 4Gb BYOP = $65 x 24 mts = $1560. However, that is the cost of service alone. It doesn't even cover the cost of 1 phone, let alone two**


  Regardless, the costs are per line. You can't combine the cost of your other lines towards the cost of your phones.


  No company would be willing to use your math. Good luck finding what you're looking for.


Hope this helps Smiley



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Ok. Well if u don't " work" for the company. Then why are u here?! Cause by the way u are responding it sounds like u work for them. And I know for a fact that fido is not paying the retail prices on their phones. U aren't offering any solutions. You are just aggravating me. All I want, is what everyone wants. I think we as the consumer want more for the money. I was with fido back when they first came to the lower mainland and left when they did the same thing. Wanting me to pay more for the same plan. If anything the company should be responding to these posts. So I'm done talking. And thx for wasting my time.

Hello again,


  Some of us are here because we like trying to help people. I understand you don't appreciate my comments. Fair enough.


  As a consumer, I too, want the most for my money. However, even the most penurious of consumers would agree that your math is not very reasonable.


Good day Smiley



Hey rgmasteryoda08!


Welcome to the Community!


We absolutely appreciate the loyalty of each and every one of our customers and definitely wouldn't want to see you go but, sadly, what you're looking for is not a valid offer. 


BYOP plans are not available on a contract whereas subsidies on new phones are only offered with a contract and the amount of the subsidy you receive on your new phone will depend on the category of plan you choose on contract. Also, keep in mind that contracts only apply in the case that you're upgrading your phone. 


Let us know if you'd like to take a second look over your options for upgrading your phone and your wife's phone and we can send you a PM to get things started.