I really dont like my phone... Help?

I really dont like my phone... Help?

I really dont like my phone... Help?

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I really dont like my phone... Help?

Hi there,


In March, after years of having all of my tech that I own be apple products, I made the big switch and ditched my iPhone for a google pixel 2 XL. 


And... I'm not a fan. I really dislike it. Not that there's anything wrong with the phone itself, I'm just not a fan of its interface. 


My question is, is there any way out of my two-year contract? I understand that I should've returned it within the first 15 days of buying it if i didn't like it, I just thought I'd have to get used to it... but I never did. 




Hey @Lucy_Ah,


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Real sorry to learn that you're not entirely satisfied with your new device! 


The satisfaction guarantee that allows you to exchange the device does only apply for 15 days. Once past the satisfaction guarantee, you have the option of purchasing a new device at full price or to terminate the current agreement and pay the remaining subsidy, then get a new phone with a 2 year agreement. 


You can also follow patrickchan's suggestion of selling the current device to get a new one or to pay for the subsidy. This would help alleviate the cost of getting the new device Smiley


Let us know if you need anything else.



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ur options:


1: use the old iphone, keep current contract, sell on kijiji ur google pixel (make sure sell in public place like starbucks, high end coffee environment safer for you)

2: pay out contract, and get another newer iphone

3: get an new iphone, get new sim card, keep existing plan, sell bothur old iphone and google pixel