I keep on getting spam text messages!

I keep on getting spam text messages!

I keep on getting spam text messages!

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I keep on getting spam text messages!

Hi there, anyone knows how to end text spam?


!st I get a text saying: "congratulations your number has made you apple's winner! go to www.apple.ca.NOCOST.cc and enter code to claim your free Apple product"


The link goes to: Ziinga.com


dose anyone know how to end this?

What do I have to do not get this anymore?




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Re: I keep on getting spam text messages!

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Hello everyone,


I too am receiving these spam text messages on my phone. Unfortunately we have no way of blocking them since they always come from different numbers (as tas314 mentioned). These are not considered premium / 3rd party services either since they come from real phone numbers and not short codes. I'd suggest simply ignoring them for now. 


@ Bob_Job as long as you have a plan that includes text messaging, Extreme Text Messaging is available to you at no extra cost.

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Just wanted to say several people I know with fido got this too... Hopefully fido cracks down on it soon because it's going around... My sister has an android and she still got it (I think someone said its only for iPhones, but this proves it isn't limited like that)

Hopefully fido has already noticed it and will act soon, I mean they should since SMS is such a big source of profit
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I got that message about winning an ipod as well.  But for the past two months, I have been receiving texts and now last nite phone calls from the same number, I have not answered either.  Do you know if FIDO can block this number upon request, I even did some search and found out it is a fido number.  Any advice guys?

Hey shekool,


Do you know if these calls / text messages are from our marketing / telemarketing teams? If so, it is possible to block these. You can remove your number from our marketing lists in your account online or by contacting customer service. 


I may suggest answering the call next time to find out if it is Fido. What is the number calling you? Is it always the same?


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Its not legitimate so their is no way in hell you can "stop"

Its not always the same number

the message is simillar  each time.



Its Fido/rogers fault we are getting this. They sould have a "smart" spam filter but they dont. 

+ They make money off this. form the ones with no sms service


Hi yareking,

Please note that you are not charged for receiving these messages. Only 3rd party / Premium text messaging services cost money, and you would need to register in order to receive the messages/services and be charged. As mentioned in an earlier post, these are not 3rd party or premium text messages as they come from 10 digit phone numbers.

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What makes you think a company like fido can come up with a solution when no other cell company in the world can solve this problem too?  fido can block individual numbers, it may not be a soltion, but its a step in the right direction. people choose to use this technology to do bad things, fido should not be to blame here, they did not invent cellular, they simply offer it to others, but there are limitations but i believe they and other companies are working to combat this problem, dont get ansy, cus many other providers and other networks in different countries also face this problem too.

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These are likely coming from infected smartphones.


I work with several anti-spam organizations and the best thing to do is get the domains shut down (notice the domain is different each time?)


All the domains I've ran a WHOIS on has these "protected" with Whoisguard service. You  can copy the text report in the form here:




As for getting it to stop, fuggeddabbouddit, as the registrants I have been told are all in the lawless-for-internet eastern block of EU.



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man im getting these too... i actually just made a seperate threed about it (i didnt see this one yet, sorry about that everyone)


same message for me.... I thought carriers spend loads of money tryng to filter spam... I would have though if this message were so wide spread, it would have been blocked by now. I hope fido puts an end to this and other spam quickly.

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I am getting them as well. So far, I delete them, but it would be nice to know if there was a reporting/blocking procedure in place.
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First, you can try replying STOP to the text messages to see if that works. If the spam texts persist, try the Blocker feature of Fido's Extreme Text Messaging (ETM) system. More info regarding ETM can be found here: http://www.fido.ca/web/content/addon/post_extreme_sms . From my experience, these spam texts are very annoying in the short-term but if you just ignore them, they tend to stop on their own. Hope this helps Smiley

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FYI - It is not recommended to reply to spam text/email/etc.  To do so confirms that number.  Which will then be sold or shared with other spam companies.


Until Fido puts some system in place (which they should be doing to help stop these), the only thing to do is delete and ignore.

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None of the suggestions you give will work. It's a different number each time The link to "claim your prize" is different each time. Always something like www.apple.com.ca.bogus.net The actual domain (bogus.net) is different each time, Lots of people will think this IS Apple. It's worded different each time. Not always Apple, I've had bestbuy and futureshop too. It's been running for a long time.
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in total, i get one text a day...Fido should do something to block these spamers...

I even tried to call each of these numbers but i keep on getting a message saying that the number you are calling is not subscribed to a voice mail...

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I usually get one a month.  My advice to you guys? simply ignore it.


It would be more time and energy to try and block it, all these guys will do is get a new prepaid number the next day and re-send again to you.  also replying stop to that number is not a good idea, its not a short code, so if you reply, all you are doing is confirming to the spammer  your number is valid.


You can also report it to fido, and when I say report, i do not mean by simply posting a message on here, you should actually call up customer service, give them the number, the time stamp and the message, and let their IT Team investigate.

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I have called Fido support twice now. the second time I called, they told me to get a new number! Hah! That would mean changing my business cards, all my banking info, ALL my contacts, my vehicle signage and all my internet info/website.

NOT going to happen... this is Fido's problem. My friends on other carriers are getting the same mesages about 'hooking up' with people.

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I have had a FIDO phone account for almost 20 years now.


In the beginning, I would get about one nuisance text message per month. Then it steadily increased to one per week. Now I am receiving one almost every day. This is not a terrible problem. But it is very annoying since I do use text messages to talk to a few people and it is one of the primary ways I use my phone.


What do I mean by "nuisance text messages"? There are a few different kinds. One is from someone who tells me there is a terrible problem with my bank account at one of the country's largest banks and they need me to go to their web site and enter my personal info in order to correct the problem. They tell me I will not be able to use my bank account until I do this. I know it's just a phoney message from someone who wants to collect peoples' info in order to steal their Identities. How do I know this? Well, for one thing, I don't have any accounts at that bank. For another thing, no bank would send their customers any such message.


Another kind of nuisance message is from someone who tells me I can make up to $500 every day by being a "Mystery Shopper". Sounds good, doesn't it? But again, it's almost certainly another kind of a scam.


There are some others kinds of nuisance messages. But I'm getting extremely annoyed by this.


I've examined the workings of "Do Not Disturb" and they are of little help. They can stop me from hearing any notification when those text messages are sent. But when I open my Text Messaging app, they all appear on my screen.


I really want this form of harassment to stop. Ideally, I'd like a function that allows me to enter a list of phone numbers and prevent all other phone numbers from sending me text messages.


Any help for me?


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Welcome to the community @JayDar! Smiley


I moved your post since we already had a similar thread. I totally get how how this can be frustrating. We're working on blocking those numbers but it's impossible for us to catch every one of them as they often simply change numbers. 


You can manually block the numbers on your phone settings depending on the phone model you have, which can help.


The other option would be to simply change your phone number. It's free if you decide to do it online on Fido.ca > My account > Services > Mobile.



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Really? I have asked several people and no one seems to know how to do this.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Can you tell me how to do this on that phone please?


I realize it's difficult to identify/impossible all spam messages. I don't think you should even try because you will always get complaints from people who had a message blocked that they did not consider to be spam.


But how difficult can it be to give people a tool where they can enter a number of words or phrases and all text messages that contain those words or phrases can be blocked? I don't think it's all that difficult. Why hasn't anyone written an app to do that? I would think it would be very profitable and they could make some good money.


There are many more techniques the maker of the Operating System could place in the hands of the users. You could enable us to enter partial text strings and some extra qualifying positions and then block all messages with those strings in the given positions.


There are many many more options and I'm quite certain that if you looked at any number of apps that match text strings for other reasons, you could easily find a few good techniques you could use.


But the bottom line is that receiving spam text messages almost daily is absolutely intolerable. It drives me crazy. If you would only provide some simple tools so that the users would feel they had some control in their own hands, it would solve a lot of the problem. Why? Because the most frustrating aspect of this problem is for the use having to live with the knowledge they have zero control over this problem. Even if the problem cannot be solved perfectly, if we had some control ourselves, we would feel so helpless and so terribly angry. Angry is not the right word. It's a lot worse than angry. It is infuriating and I would switch to another provide in the blink of an eye if they could give me any control over these horrible spam messages.

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Hey @JayDar! To be able to block the texts on your S4, you will need to go on Settings and then: 

  1. From any Home screen, tap Messaging.
  2. Tap the Menu key.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. If necessary, tap Spam settings to select the check box.
  5. Tap Add to spam numbers.
  6. Touch and hold on the desired number and then tap Delete.
  7. Tap OK

Hope this helps! Smiley

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I get the same text span about winning an apple ipod.  The callers are based in Texas and Florida, based on the area codes.


I do not recommend responding. Just like internet spam any response tells them your number is valid, which could result in more spam.


I called Fido customer service and was told they have no way to block this.