I got a special offering which is no existence.

I got a special offering which is no existence.

I got a special offering which is no existence.

I'm a Participant Level 2

I got a special offering which is no existence.

Hi, there.


I have a problem with Fido.


I bought iPhone7 in February 2017 at a store because of a special offering from store manager.
He explained to me about two things.


One tip:
If I pay all device fee once today ( February) which is cheaper, I can get the latest model. ( it was iPhone7 at that time )


Two tip:
If I use it more than 4 months, they will give me 125credit.


I was so happy to get that offering would be fabulous.


However, the first bill was said that there was 2 years contract and remained balance of the device fee. So I called him to make my contact sure then he answered me it was a special offering so it would be changed soon which is I trust.


I am leaving Canada at the end of this month so I contacted Fido customer service via Facebook messenger to be deactivated but there is no document what I took so I explained to them a whole story. They said to me almost the same explanation for a month.

“ If an offer was made in store, you will either need to contact them or return there and speak to a manager if the representative who made you the offer is not available. On our side, since there is no documentation about the credit, we will only be able to apply a $40 credit. “

After I got this message, I realized he didn’t give me any of documents. He promised me by speaking and I only have Memo written by him which mentioned only 125credit. ( I sent a picture to them )

I was really shocked about it but I went to the store, he wasn’t there so left memo because he was a manager, which means nobody could do anything.
In addition, I called him and texted him but NO ANSWER and NO CALL BACK.

I am sure it wasn’t misunderstanding because I called him after I got a first bill. Maybe he created a special offering by himself no existence.


I’m very sorry to write such a long story but here is the happened.
I am a regular customer. I would not decide not to trust him at that time. Especially, he was so nice and kind. 


I want to get offering what I took at the store. Please please help me out.


Thank you so much for reading.


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Hi @AAJPN & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to see that you're having issues with your billing. Sad I'll be more than happy to check it out with you though; sending you a PM. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2

Thank you so much for your offering and I sent a message back.