I can't see my pdf bill

I can't see my pdf bill

I can't see my pdf bill

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I can't see my pdf bill

  I have just one  here need primary account holder I do not  know  what  should I do????



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Hey @Miladk121121


Were you able to access your invoice? 


Let us know if you still need help! 

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Hi @Miladk121121 & welcome to the Community!


When you log in, are you using your e-mail address as your username?

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Hi @FidoMaria FYI I'm using a username such is not my email associated with account. I have no problem seeing PDF bill in my account app after login as such. (I haven't yet rolled out my account app Jan 18 update)


Since its not the first time I see or hear about reference to login with an email username.. see example  can you please explain if username email is better or recommended  if so why? Screenshot_2018-01-24-11-55-07.png

 Have a great day! :robotlol:

@Scooby-Doo We suggest an e-mail username since you can keep access should you change your phone number or cancel your account.