How to activate Spotify Premium

How to activate Spotify Premium

How to activate Spotify Premium

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How to activate Spotify Premium

Hi there, I just signed up to Fido pulse plan and supposed to gt access to Spotify Premium. I read that to proceed with activation, you are supposed to receive a link to, which I haven't received yet. Does it supposed to come automatically when you get plan, or how does it work? Thanks Smiley




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You will need to activate Spotify , it does not happen automatically.


To activate it follow the instructions here.

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Didn’t get any message to activate Spotify,

how do I get the message?

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I've moved your post to this thread for you. It will provide you with the answers you seek.


Let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

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Got a SMS with a 4 character code for Spotify, entered it into site, it appears it was accepted, but all I see is:


Hey there! Sign up as a first-time Spotify Premium user and enjoy 6 months for free. Get your access link by logging into your Fido account.


Selecting the Manage link in my profile takes me to the same page with the above message.  As I understand, I'm supposed to receive a SMS with a link to activate Spotify premium.  Have not received this yet.

The Fidohub method is for older subscriptions @channelzer0. If you first took your Pulse plan between October 25th 2017 and July 29th 2018 then you must register with Spotify directly. To do that, follow these steps:


1. Go to


2. Log into your account.


3. From the main page, click the phone number for which you’d like to view additional information.


4. In the bottom right corner, click Get it Now in the MANAGE MY SERVICES section. The MY SPOTIFY ACCESS window will open.

5. Click on Redeem Now. Spotify’s website will open.



6. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for a Spotify Premium subscription and activate the offer.


This said, if you took your Pulse plan for the first time prior to October 25th 2017 then the promo has unfortunately expired and you can register at $9.99 per month via


Hope this helps!



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Hi. I am trying to add premium spotify but do not want it billed on credit card. I want the $9.99 to be charged on my fido bill. I have contacted fido multiple times and nobody can help. Please help!

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To help you out, I've moved your post to this thread. It will provide you with all the information you need.


You can also follow the instructions here to set that up. Smiley


Let us know if you have any more questions.

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These steps don’t work. I tried a lot of times. I have the free version right now so I cannot cancel the membership. I keep getting the same answer over and over again.  This Spotify thing is so horribly done. 

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I get the code, It allows me to add it to my Fido bill but then, it tells me to get the Spotify app which I already have and says it’s the free version. To get the paid one, enter credit card number or PayPal. 

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Hmm, that is weird. I've looked into it and you should be able to access the Premium version. I'd like to check the status of your subscription on our side.


I'll send you a PM and we'll continue over there!


Talk to you soon Smiley

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Hey @maryloudp13,


I get your frustration, rest assured that you're at the right place for help Smiley


Were you able to obtain the code? What happens exactly when you try to activate the service?



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I just upgraded my plan to include Spotify Premium. Currently I have Spotify free but need to upgrade to Premium as it is included with my new Fido plan. I have gotten the code, but there is nothing on My Account (Fido Hub) that allows me to activate Spotify Premium with this code. I have read all of the FAQs relating to this topic as it seems I am not the only one with this issue. I have even tried to go to Spotify and entered my code under "Redeem Your Code" but it says my code is not recognized. I have tried to again, get a new code but neither one works. I just want my Spotify Premium. Please help.

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I've taken the liberty to move your post to this thread as I'm sure you'll find the answer here. Be sure to check out the steps to activate the Spotify service on this page, and keep us updated!


Can you also confirm if you've used Spotify Premium before? Keep in mind that the promotion is offered only for users who've never subscribed to Spotify Premium before. 


We'd also be more than happy to have a closer look if you're still having trouble signing up. Just reach out to us  on Facebook or Twitter here, or we can send you a PM if you prefer.



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Update: issue seems to have been resolved. Retraced all my steps and it is now working. 

Awesome! Very_Happy


Happy that you were able to sort it out and thanks for keeping us posted, @Nga1!

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I have read all of the thread in this forum and gone through all of the steps. And I have never had Spotify premium. It is still redirecting me to My Account and no option to set up Spotify Premium.

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It’s the worst site I’ve ever had the displeasure to visit.   I’m attempting to activate Spotify.  I’m certain I am not the only person with this issue.  If I don’t get this resolved, I will be not be a Fido customer nor will I recommend Fido as a carrier of choice. 

Hey @Bobby96!


I've moved your post here as this thread deals with activating Spotify!

The solution above will direct you to the right place with the instructions Smiley


If your promo started before October 25th 2017, it's done via, if it was after then you can use the code we sent you and activate at! If you lost the code, you can activate on, the link above will guide you to the exact steps.


Hope this helps! If you encounter errors let us know what exactly happens. We'll need more details to help out.



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I am having trouble understanding you from all the trucks and bobcats making beeping noises while backing up.


What are you trying to do? you are trying to activate Spotify and then what? 


Are you trying to get the activation code?


Is Spotify not accepting your activation code? 


Is Spotify website broken? 


If Spotify is giving you trouble, then you should ask Spotify to resolve your issue.


If Fido is giving you problems, call customer support.  Getting angry in here does not help anyone.

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Im having the same problem , never recived access link , fido hub says sign in to my account and my account subs back to fido hub ... 

Hey @ramtin


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We'll be happy to check it out with you. Just to confirm, you've never had Spotify Premium through us? 


Let me know!