How can i "TRUST" FIDO?

How can i "TRUST" FIDO?

How can i "TRUST" FIDO?

I'm a Participant Level 1

How can i "TRUST" FIDO?



When I get into the Fido line my agreement was saying "2gb internet" but I showed up to my home I was shocked. My account was saying "1gb data" I called customer service and they said that you have to go to Fido store. I spend a few days with that situation. Finally they gave me 1 GB bonus data.


Yesterday I called Fido customer service for change my data plan. They offered me 3 gb data + 1 gb bonus data for $70 and we were agree that. I saw 4 GB data in my account last night. 


I was shocked again today because they gave me 3 gb data. I called fido customer service and asked them about that situation. They said that"Sorry we can't do that" .


She offered me I can give you 1 hours bonus internet and you can use 5 times. I said no it is no special it is for ever Fido customer. I spend almost 2 hours by phone and spoke a Supervisor. She is super nice and kind but there is no solution. She gave me an offer but it was expensive for me.


Finally, there is no solution and I would like to got my lawyer and want to cancel my Fido. 





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Welcome to the Community @Orhan Smiley

I'd love to go over the account and check things out with you. I'm sending you a PM.

See you there!