How can I get a proof of payment?

How can I get a proof of payment?

How can I get a proof of payment?

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How can I get a proof of payment?

Iam new to all this.........I need a paper receipt of my last payment for the book-keeper


how can I get a receipt.....I thought I would get an email from Fido to confirm Visa Payment



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Hi @Joan2 & welcome to the Community! Smiley


If you made your payment online by credit card, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you. Have you checked your junk/spam folder?

I'm a Participant Level 1

I also pay my bill online with credit card, and used to get a confirmation email.  However, this stopped occurring several months ago, about the time of the last Fido site upgrade.  And yes, I have checked my spam folders.  Is there anyone out there that does continue to get their payment confirmation emails?

Hey @djinedmonton,


Can you let us know if you are still receiving other emails from us? 


Either it be the email confirmation for a change of service or your invoice notifications?





Hi @Joan2


If you want paper invoice Fido can send it to you but they will charge a fee on the other hand you can print it out yourself.


Go to click on my Account and login if you did not register an account you can do so.

Once you are in My Account click on Billing & Payments then scroll down a bit and you will see on your right hand side "Save / Print this bill (PDF) click on that and you can save it to your computer as a PDF and then you can print it at your convience.