Horrible experience with Fido Home Internet service

Horrible experience with Fido Home Internet service

Horrible experience with Fido Home Internet service

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Horrible experience with Fido Home Internet service

To whom it may concern,


Hi, I have been using fido phone plan for over two years now and since I like the fido phone services, I decided to use Fido Home internet starting October. However, it turns out that it has been the worst internet services I've ever had. I'm very disappointed and upset about the whole service experience.


It all started about a week after the internet has been installed. The internet has been going offline for half an hour every now and then, restarting the modern wouldn't solve the problem. Therefore, I called the tech support, and they tried to look for some configuration on my modern and couldn't really find anything, so they asked me to reset the modern. It worked for that night, but the next morning, it starts to going offline again. The offline time has also been increasing everyday, from half an hour to a few hours and eventually offline for the whole night/morning. Basically, if I'm going out for work during the daytime(which I'm not sure if the internet is working), then I wouldn't be able to do anything online when I get home. I called the tech support again. The lady wasn't able to find any issue, she changed my internet channel since she claimed that the previous one has too many people using it at the same time, she also suggested me to change the modern if the issue persists. Magically, the internet was working for that night, but as expected, going offline the next day.


Here comes the most disturbing part. I called the tech support the third time and they told me to go into a fido store in-person to exchange the modern. My mom tried to exchange the modern during the day since I was working, but then the fido store wouldn't let her even though her phone number is also under the same account. So I went into the store right after work. The rep from the fido store was helpful enough to do the exchange for me, and told me "you are good to go". When I installed the new modern at home, it just wouldn't let me to activate the wifi. Again, I called the tech support, and the person on the phone told me that the new modern wasn't activated successfully, and they HAD NO IDEA when the modern would be activated because they had no control over this, it could be 10 minutes or even a week, it all depends on the system that they had no control of.


At this point, I was more than upset but even depressed. Starting the first day of using Fido home internet, I basically lived a life without internet. I couldn't work or study at home at all since the internet was extremely unstable. 


The next morning, I called Tech Support, hoping a different tech rep could give me a better answer than "they have no idea of activating the modern". The lady took the time to investigate, and told me that there was a system glitch and they couldn't activate my modern in the system, but they would send a tech person to my home with a new modern, and do the exchange himself so the new modern would be activated. The appointment was 4-6pm that day, I waited till the last minute and the tech person finally came, but with nothing in his hand. He came in, checked for a few seconds, saying that my new modern was fine, there's nothing he could've done, and told me that I should go the the fido store where I did the exchange and ask them to solve the problem. 


With nothing the tech person has done, I went into the fido store, hoping they could help me. The fido rep was surprised that the tech person didn't even try to solve the issue before leaving my unit and helped me to call fido. There goes a long phone call and they finally scheduled a tech install the next day to do another modern exchange.


Now you may think everything works out now. No. The first few days of using the new modern was fine, but then it went offline again. I called the tech support and scheduled another tech appointment for troubleshooting. I really hope this time the internet could last longer because I don't want to waste anymore time on resolving internet problems.



The above process took me days and weeks of time calling tech support, going into the store, and even online chat. I feel that Fido just keeps transfering my problem to other departments and going back and forth.


While I reported the complaint via customer service over the phone, explained to her the whole experience I had and it was unfair to charge me the full service fee, the lady said she had to ask her manager, and promised me that she would get back to me. But no, no response, no voicemails. I have heard NOTHING from fido regarding the pain I've suffered and time I've wasted over the past few weeks.


I really hope someone could read this and understand the pain that a customer is having regarding the services that a customer actually pays for. I just want to solve my problem and being treated as a loyal fido customer. I've given my trust to the fido home internet but receiving nothing but disappointment. I wish someone from fido could care about their customers and step up to resolve the issue.


Thanks for you time and help in advance.


A Sad Customer




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Very disappointed! 

Hey @jasppp


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience! I'd also like to thank you for taking the time on your end to have this resolved, it means a lot that you're not giving up and you still trust that we can solve this for you . We truly appreciate your patience.


It's definitely not right that you're being forwarded from one department to the other, what I'll do is send you a private message. We'll take it from there to see what can be done to first, look into your issue , and second make sure this experience doesn't happen again! 


We'll talk soon. 

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Thank you Ranya for the prompt reply.


I've replied your PM. Let me know what fido can do about this.



Hey @jasppp 


Jut received your PM


Talk to you soon Smiley