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Home Phone select option

Home Phone select option

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Home Phone select option

After waiting weeks I finally have the home phone. The problem is that making selections on automated answering systems does not work properly. As an example a system may say "Press one for hours of operation" but pressing one gets a response that the option is not available. I know the following:


  1. The systems worked fine before I changed to Fido
  2. I disconnected by wireless phone system and plugged an older phone directly in to Fido box, so no home wiring at all - same problem
  3. It works fine with my two cell phones
  4. When I press a number I hear it getting sent more than once, e.g. I press "1" and hear "1 - short pause - 1" sometimes the second "1" is repeated.

This makes the phone unusable for any purpose involving autmatic aka tne aka DTMF input.




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Hey Hiluna!


We're aware of this being a known issue for a small number of our Wireless Home phone customers. We're working hard to get this fixed as soon as possible! 


I'm a Participant Level 2

Has there been a fix for this issue? Do we need to get our ZTE device changed? I had logged the same issue a few months back and apparently the issue still exist as I try to activate my new credit card using my home phone last week. 

Hey @JainONCA


Thanks for reaching out about this. As soon as we get an update we'll let you know, we're getting closer to a resolution so keep an eye out on this thread.