Home Phone monthly fee increase?

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Home Phone monthly fee increase?

I just got my latest invoice and it stated that the monthly fee is increasing by $3/mth....??????


FEE INCREASES FOR FIDO HOME PHONE AND DEVICE PROTECTION SERVICES At Fido, we're all about providing reliable, top-quality service and an excellent network. And to continue offering the level of service you're used to, we're increasing some of our fees. As of May 9, 2016, the monthly service fee for Fido Home Phone will go up by $3 (per line plus applicable taxes), and the monthly service fee for Fido Device Protection will go up by $1 (per line plus applicable taxes). Of course, if you only have one of these services on your account, you'll only pay the increase for that service. You can view your current monthly service fees in this bill. All other aspects of your Fido services will remain the same. This change is made in accordance with the CRTC Wireless Code. If you wish to respond to this notice or have any questions, concerns or wish to modify or cancel your Fido Home Phone service or Device Protection plan, please reach out to us in any of the ways listed in the contact us section of this bill.


The price we pay for monthly home phone is a wireless fee.  I signed up for Fido wireless home phone due to the price.  I was told that the fee will never go up and that's why I signed up, and now Fido is going ahead and increasing the fee?




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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

@gcrmt wrote:


The price we pay for monthly home phone is a wireless fee.  I signed up for Fido wireless home phone due to the price.  I was told that the fee will never go up and that's why I signed up, and now Fido is going ahead and increasing the fee?

Hello Gcrmt,


  Unfortunately, the person who told you the fees would never go up was not correct.


  I understand you believe that since the home phone is wireless, it falls under the Wireless code. However, the Right to refuse changes clause only applies for the duration of the fixed-term of a post-paid contract. Grandfathered plans are no longer on a fixed-term and therefore would potentially be subject to change. So far, Fido has (thankfully) decided to honour grandfathered plans, but they are well within their right to enforce in-market plans. You will notice that there is no similar clause for pre-paid customers. Since the Fido home phone is also not on a fixed-term contract, the Right to refuse changes clause would not apply either.


  It would be akin to renting an apartment. You can sign a lease or go month-to-month. If you sign a two-year lease, the landlord cannot increase rent during that two year period. Following that two year period, you may continue on a month-to-month basis. If you chose month-to-month, the landlord does have the right to increase rent. Yes, there are some stipulations, such as giving ample notice of any rent increase, etc. but it is otherwise pretty much at their discretion. A tenant can then choose to pay the increased rent or look for a new place to live.


  With regards to the home phone, it is essentially a month-to-month contract. You have been given ample notice of the price increase. You may choose to stay with the Fido home phone or you may choose to go elsewhere. The Wireless Code would protect you if you chose to cancel the home phone. Since there is no end-date associated with the home phone (and no associated subsidy), they cannot charge you a cancellation fee.


  I'm sorry, but it's a little naive to think that fees would never increase. All of the major telecoms recently increased their rates for home phone and certain other services. They blame the weak dollar for their rise in costs. Unfortunately, fixed prices with rising costs is not sustainable -- in any industry. Generally, the price of goods and services have gone up. Home phone service is no different.


Hope this helps Smiley



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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

Hello SgtWilko,


  I can appreciate the sentiment. No one likes price increases. However, I think what everyone seems to overlook is the root cause of the increase: the Canadian dollar. Yes, it has recovered slightly, but it is still quite a bit below par with the US. The price of practically everything has gone up. The last time I checked at my grocery store, grapes were $8.99 a kilo and lemons were $1.99 each! Are those grapes any sweeter (read better value) than when they were $1.49 a kilo?


  Anyone else notice the price increases at places like Ikea, EQ3, West Elm...? Not all items at those places have increased prices, but many items do. Or how about at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, or Canadian Tire? Or at anywhere else you may shop? There's a reason why Target didn't make it in Canada. People were upset that Target couldn't offer the same low low prices as Target in the US. But how could they? They purchased their inventory in USD and had to sell in CAD (as well as having increased fuel costs at the time). As a result they could only offer prices comparable to the other big-box shops. To many Canadians, their promise of low prices lacked lustre.


  How about online shopping or shopping across the border? People must notice that they pay much more than they used to for items purchased in the US.


  For some reason, people are willing to accept higher prices for most other things, but they don't seem to think that the same reason those prices increased also affects other businesses like telecoms. What is perceived as greedy or price gouging is really just a correction to the current economy. All businesses have costs. Unfortunately, it is not financially viable for any company to have to pay increased costs yet maintain low steady prices.


 Yes, people may look elsewhere for alternatives. However, it's not as if Fido was the only company to correct their prices. All of the major telecoms have also increased their rates. Even with the increase, Fido still has the cheapest rate.



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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?



Really? We are talking a 30% increase for ZERO measurable added functionality or services. Is that even legal? I don't know of any service that can justify a sudden 30% increase to its clients, especially for recent subscribers. You can imagine the pushback if Hydro, Gaz Metro, Videotron or any other service for that matter would try a stunt like that.


Like I said in my previous post, I don't have a problem with a price increase of that magnitude for a service for future subscribers since they have a choice to buy it or look elsewhere.However, such a rate hike for existing $10/month subscribers, especially for those who just subscribed, is just plain greedy and unethical on Fido's part. Especially since the service has its fair share of unresolved issues (examples below) so the top quality argument holds absolutely no water in my mind. It is just a plain old money grab. How can this make any business sense? Very dissapointed in Fido.


Top quality service?


Fido Home Phone message indicator is not working properly

ZTE WF721 - Problems entering PINs or phone xtens...


Wireless home phone


Fido Home Phone WF720 / WF721


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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

@FidoKenny wrote:

Hey @SgtWilko and thank you for using the Community Smiley


The pricing affects all subscribers and the old pricing won't be grandfathered.


We understand how important it is to have a reliable service. And there's a cost that comes with giving the top quality service, and the prices to do so have gone up.


That's why sometimes, we have to take a 2nd look at our prices.


I hope  this answers your questions Smiley




@FidoKenny  How can you say there is a cost for reliable and quality service to justify the price increase. Since September 2015 the quality of service from Fido have been below standards.


1. The introduction of the VoLTE and WiFi calling was botched

2. The revamp of the website again botched, Fido launched a broken website and it is still broken.

3. Home phone is having problems since December 2015, it hasn't been fixed as yet and to add insult to injury Fido wants us to pay $3 more for a broken service. 

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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

Hello @Cawtau,


Are you a Fido employee or loyal customer. I don't want to start a p*ssing match with you, but you are overselling your point a little aren't you? If I follow your logic, I guess the canadian inflation index will have risen to 30% by the end of the quarter? Don't think so...


The USA-CAD exchange? What business do you think Fido is in? Fido/Rogers own their (long established) infrastructure and the services they sell do not require importing anything from the US or transporting merchandise or anything else that would cause the exchange rate to have a significant impact on their price structure. Roaming fees on US partner networks, smartphones, infrastructure updates, sure, but wireless Home Phone service in Canada, on Rogers owned infrastructure and via customer paid modems and sim cards?  


Regardless of our differing opinions on the above, Fido can price their monthly services any which way they want. Its their call and definitely not what irks me. What has my panties in a knot is that they would agressively market their WHP at $10/mo to attract new customers to swicth over (which is fine), then serve them notice of a 30% price hike 60 days later (not so fine).


Had somebody at Fido kindly given me a heads up about the looming price hike while subscribing, I may have still signed up and would at least not feel cheated like I did when I got the notice for the unusually large 30% increase. Especially since they had a promo with 1 year free with a 2 year commitment with the new price announcement. Its more about the principle than the 3$/mo.


To add insult to injury, Fido throws in the "reliable service" and "giving the top quality service" arguments to justify the hike. That standard corporate hogwash and hand waving does not really work on today's savvy consumers. As I said in a previous post (with links to relevant forum threads), WHP users have been reporting issues with the ZTE modem since 2015. We are still waiting for bug fixes for most of these long outstanding issues without any resolution in sight yet. 


Honesty and commercial ethics do count, you know. If Fido wants to p*ss off their existing customers with unusually steep monthly service price hikes, its their choice. They really shouldn't insult their intelligence with boiler plate bogus justifications on top of that.


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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

Hello again,


  No, I do not work for Fido. I don't even work in the telecom industry. My point wasn't how much the price increased, it was that all businesses have to deal with rising costs. There are many business costs which are not directly tied to the Canadian dollar, but are still affected by it. It's not just importing/exporting...


  I'm with you though, I'm not going to sit here and debate economics. You posted your opinion, I posted mine.





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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

@SgtWilko Well said my friend.

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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

Hi everyone,


The update for the WF721 is now available. This update will improve touch tone performance and address a bug with the message waiting indicator.


Click here for more info.

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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

 Fido your rep is officially going down the toilet. You out of nowhere make a price jump like that for your customers claiming top quality service when all your fido community posts are flooded with complaints about how the service has been with customers waiting patiently for fixes that never seemed to come. Yes other providers may charge more but that's because you don't have issues with basic service. The draw with Fido home phone was the price. What's the draw now? Customers were having to use their cell phones to do any calls with extensions etc using up cell phone minutes and paying overages all while paying for the home phone service you couldn't use during the time your fix was "coming soon". We've already paid increases thanks to the that. I can't believe a company would do this to their own customers.

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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

Any company that increases a service by 30% for no perceived changes or improvements definitely only antagonizes their existing customers. 

While some previous statements have reminded us that the fees are on a month to month basis, what is to prevent further excessive increase percentages from being implemented without any reasonable amount of time before the next increase,(i.e. in 60 or 90 days from this increase).

Note that Mr. Rogers has increased their home phone but now offers Unlimited calling to the US for only $2.00 per month, but Fido wants $7.00 per month for the same service

Can you say 'Rogers and Fido are related'

For a $1.00 increase per month, I do not believe any of us would even have this discussion ( a 10% increase)


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Re: Home Phone monthly fee increase?

FYI: I just come off the phone with CSR from Wind Mobile.

Their offer was $20/month (including $5 BYOD credit - unlimited Canada calling). The ZTE works with their network. Now I just need to go to a office to check it out with their Sim card.
I hope is not locked on Fido.... I don't think they went that far to lock it but never knows.

What is great with WindMobile ... They never increase prices.

I'm willing to pay $2 more per month - just to show Fido that their sneaky policy of increasing unjustified prices can be punished.

@56744fido : competition is good. If you don't care & respect existing customers... Well you lose them.
Instead of making $15/month.... You'll make $0.... Soon enough, other companies would see the opportunity and take your business.
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