Help needed Weak Network Signal

Help needed Weak Network Signal

Help needed Weak Network Signal

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Help needed Weak Network Signal

I recebtly tried to upgrade my device with Fido.  I was using a Nexus 5 for three years now and the phone is showing signs it needs to retire.  So off I go to Fido and got an IPhone SE, new phone and new SIM Card. Got home and the network signal is weak and almost NIL on the southside of our house including the bedroom.  When outside, I sometimes noticed weak signal and sometimes hooking up to FIDO_EXT which I know is not a good sign.


So I called Fido and they suggest I go back to the store and replace the phone.  I did that and again the same issue.  Called Fido again and again they just told me to get the phone replaced.  Getting frustrated I asked a Samsung phone which the store did not have so I decided to just stick back to my old phone for now.


I used the SIM card I used in the IPhone since my old SIM card is dead.  My Nexus 5 that used to work is now having the same issue of weak signal.  Someone suggested I get a new SIM card which I did, but the problem is not resolved.


I am frustrated because I am now unhappy with the Fido service , I have no new phone but I paid a transaction fee, I lost my FIDO dollars as it was applied to the first purchase and I spent for a new SIM card. 


I hope someone can shed some light and share some advice on how I can get back the great service I used to have with FIDO. 


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Hello DHCT,


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  Sorry to hear you're having signal issues... 


  First, let's backtrack a little. What do you mean when you said your Nexus 5 is showing signs it needs to retire? Were you having signal issues with it before you purchased the iPhone SE and the new SIM? Are you having signal issues everywhere or only at certain locations? Do you know if others using Fido also have signal issues at your location?


  I'm wondering if it has to do with your location. I understand it was working for three years, however, any interference (possibly new building?) between your location and the cell towers would decrease the signal reaching your location. You can get an idea of where the cellular towers are located here


  As mentioned above, connecting to Fido-EXT means that you're using the other networks as extended coverage. When connected to Fido-EXT, what signal strength do you get? To me, connecting with extended coverage suggests the issue is with Fido cellular signals reaching your phone rather than an issue with the SIM. At first, I thought the antennae in the iPhone SE might not be as powerful as the ones in the Nexus 5. However, you note that you're also having the same problem with that phone as well.


  While you should be able to use Fido-EXT without additional fees, it's not a solution since extended coverage use is only meant on an occasional basis.


  If your Nexus 5 was working perfectly up until you got the new phone and SIM, it does seem like an awful coincidence that there would be additional interference causing you troubles. However, if you were noticing prior signal issues and dismissed them as being due to an old phone, it's a possible scenario.


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Hi Cawtau


I was not having signal issues with the Nexus 5 last week before my whole saga started.  The phone kept restarting or go dead on me last week.  Not wanting to lose the data on the phone, I decided to get a hardware upgrade with Fido.  With the first IPhone I got, low signal issues was in several locations.  The second IPhone SE was better because outside my home, signal was strong again.  Only the signal at home remained weak.


It can't be a location issue because I have three other family members with Fido and they do not have the same issue.  Currently my Nexus 5 (with a new SIM CArd) is performing better than the IPhone, still weak and I lose signal at home from time to time.  But to compare to my family, I have the weakest signal.  They have good signal in areas where mine remains weak. 


I am needing to really get a new phone and really don't know if the model of phone matters.  Everyone at home has a Samsung so I am leaning to get the same.


Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. 



Hello again,


  Fair enough. That's why I asked if any other Fido users where having the same issues in your area Wink


  It's not uncommon for different phone models to have differences in cellular reception. For example, a professor at Denmark's Aalborg University tested the performance of various mobile phone antennae (see here). I'm not sure how much we can extrapolate from his data because Fido/Rogers uses mostly different bands/frequencies. However, it does illustrate the large differences between phone models.


  Just to make sure the issue isn't with your SIM, you might consider trying your new SIM in one of your family members' phones and vice versa. If your issues are a result of a faulty SIM, your family member should start to get poor signal and your phone should work without problem. On the other hand, if the issue is with your phone, then the new SIM should work fine on their phones and using their SIMs should not improve signal on your phone.


  Note: When comparing cellular signals, make sure you're comparing the same networks (and same bands/frequencies). It's not uncommon for signal strength to vary on the different networks (2G, '3G', and LTE) depending on your location relative to the cellular towers, partly due to the different decay rates of the various frequencies.


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@DHCT can you try disabling the LTE on the phone and see if the signal improves.


The FIDO_EXT means you are on the extended network.



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I am sorry to see you're experiencing issues with your signal strength. Did you get a chance to try out KAPABLE-K's suggestion by disabling the LTE from the phone? Can you tell us if you notice an improvement with the connection?




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Hi, thanks for taking up my question.


Sorry, but I will need more specific instructions.


I went to settings, found the Mobile Network Settings -


On that screen, I have Preferred Network type - it is now clicked to LTE (Recommended) and my other options is 3G and 2G.  Do I change this?  I actually tried clicking to the other options but there is no improvement.


Another line on the Network Settings is called - Access Point names - clicking it shows one line - " FIDO LTE itemobile.apn " - there is no click to undo this.  But there is the option to "Reset to default"


Am I looking at the right screen? 






Hey  @DHCT,


This is the right screen! We usually ask that you switch from LTE to 3G or 2G to test if you notice an improvement in the different connections. 


However if you're still experiencing the same issues, I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at this together. Smiley