Having tons of trouble with Fido recently

Having tons of trouble with Fido recently

Having tons of trouble with Fido recently

I'm a Participant Level 1

Having tons of trouble with Fido recently

So to get things started I've been with Fido for over a year now with no problems.


I wanted to upgrade my phone to the Huawei P10 Plus and got the phone ordered from a rogers store in my area.


Had to wait a week because they messed up the original order. Finally the phone came in and I went to pick it up, everything was going great! Put my sim and sd card in and set up my google account/fingerprint, etc. The employee that was helping me called head office because the order wouldn't finalize. They proceeded to tell her that I needed to give the phone back or I had to pay the full price for the phone which is ridiculous since I was going for a medium plan. That was the only option and if I wanted the phone I had to call fido and order from them.


I called fido and ordered the phone and the lady on the phone said the whole situation sounded ridiculous, and now I'm currently waiting for my new phone in the mail.


None of this makes and sense to me and just now my current phone says "Unregistered SIM" so I have no phone to use which makes my life even more inconvenient. I called Fido and they couldn't help me, and just told me to go into the store. On the Fido website it says that I'm on my new, more expesive plan with the Huawei P10 Plus, yet I don't even have the phone. I'm extremely upset about the whole situation and would love some help


Very tempted to switch providers after this whole ordeal

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

SWITCH!!! Been with them for almost 15 years and never give me a good deal even with phones. They have the worst customer service and supervisor are very rude they dont help you..im switching when im done with my contract paying 300$ monthly for 2 lines not worth it...

Hi @Krenzie!


Wow, what an inconvenience! Truly sorry about it Sad


I will have to access your account to get a better understanding of what happened and make sense of all this. 


PM coming your way!


& oh, welcome to Community Smiley