Having LTE issue in IPhone 5

Having LTE issue in IPhone 5

Having LTE issue in IPhone 5

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Having LTE issue in IPhone 5

Hi Team,


I switched to Fido LTE service today and getting 3G service instead of LTE .. I have done some troubleshooting at my end like reset the network in settings, selected LTE for cellular connection in settings and restart my phone couple of times. Still getting the same 3G service. Pls resolve asap .. Thanks ! 

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If you just activated and that your phone is a non Fido phone, it might take a bit for the network to recognize that your phone is LTE enabled.


Are you still experiencing the same problem today?

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Hi Pamela,


Not resolved yet.. Still it's showing 3G.. 


Please resolve asap.


Thanks and Happy new year! 

Rahul Duggal


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Hey @Duggal


Did @Cawtau's suggestion help? 

Hello Duggal,


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  What version of the iPhone 5 do you have? Did you purchase it from Canada or elsewhere? There are at least 3 versions of that iPhone model (see here) and only one of them (A1428) has compatible LTE bands/frequencies.


  Are you unable to connect to LTE everywhere? If you do have the A1428, you should note that version only has two compatible LTE bands/frequencies. You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here. It's possible that your closest cellular towers do not use those bands/frequencies. Not all bands/frequencies are available at all cellular towers. You can get an idea of your surrounding towers here.


  I understand you have already updated your network settings and enabled LTE. Have you updated your carrier settings (see here). Does it have the latest iOS version?


  You might also consider verifying the APN settings on your phone (see here). Since it is a LTE-capable device, it should be using ltemoble.apn. You can verify the proper settings here.


  Are you able to test your SIM in a different phone and/or test a different SIM in your phone?


Hope this helps Smiley