HIGH DATA usage and Facebook loading with data turned off

HIGH DATA usage and Facebook loading with data turned off

HIGH DATA usage and Facebook loading with data turned off

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HIGH DATA usage and Facebook loading with data turned off

Hello Fido,


I have been struggling for months with high data usage on both my husband and my iPhones that has cost us hundreds of dollars in extra data charges.  I've found a few issues including my WiFi at home (which incidently would cut out on my iPhone but not the apple TV or my son's iPad) and I have turned off data on every application on my phone.  Now its basically just for getting phone calls (who even talks on the phone anymore) and checking the time if I'm not connected to WiFi.  BUT I am still using 200MB per day in data!  And my facebook app has cellular data turned off but it still loads when I'm not connected to WiFi.


Tips, suggestions, refunds greatly appreciated because I feel like getting CRTC involved in an investigation is my only option right now.  This is not ethical on the part of Fido or Apple.



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Hi there @hipsygipsy


Thanks for taking the time to reach out!


I definitely hear what you're saying & I'd love to help with this 😃


Just to check with you: did you happen to notice if "Wi-Fi Assist" is (or was) turned On?


To clarify, "Wi-Fi Assist" allows you to stay connected to the Internet even if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you're using Safari with a poor Wi-Fi connection and a webpage doesn't load, Wi-Fi Assist will activate and automatically switch to cellular so that the webpage continues to load. 


When Wi-Fi Assist is activated, you'll see the cellular data icon in the status bar on your device. Wi-Fi Assist is turned On by default.


If you don't want your iOS device to stay connected to the Internet when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, you can disable Wi-Fi Assist.

- Click on Settings > Cellular.

- Then scroll down and tap the slider for Wi-Fi Assist.


I'll send you a PM so we can discuss it further 😃



I'm a Participant Level 2

Wifi assist was definitely identified and turned off months ago. My phone is basically useless unless I'm on wifi but I'm still using 200 MB of data per day.

Hello Hipsygipsy,


  Welcome to the community!


  Have you verified:

Cellular data for iCloud has been disabled?

Automatic backups have been disabled?

Automatic downloads and updates have been disabled?

Background App refresh has been disabled?

Music streaming has been disabled?

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Video Auto-play disabled?

Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Sync disabled?...


  I understand it's frustrating having to disable practically everything on your phone. However, once you find the cuprit for your high data usage, you can add back some functions. 


Hope this helps Smiley