HELP, Harassment Calls

HELP, Harassment Calls

HELP, Harassment Calls

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

HELP, Harassment Calls

These days I receive calls from an ad. company and when I answer the call, only recorded voice is playing.


I contacted the ad. company and asked them to remove my number from their list, but they said my number is not in the list.

And every time the call comes, a popup message box displays "Call Forwarded".  So I believe that the calls were forwarded by some other number.


I contacted fido customer service, but they have no method to find out who forward these call to me.


This is really annoying because these calls come several times everyday.


Can anybody know how to solve this problem?




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Hi Sgy, 


I am sorry to hear about your problem. I experienced an issue like this once but it finally went away after 2-3 weeks.  In all honesty I would recommend to give it a week or 2 more to see if it finally stops.  If not your 2 other options are : 


1) change your number ( there is a 25$ fee for this but would be waived if you can provide a police report for harassment to Fido)


2) If you do not wish to change your number, you can contact your local law enforcement agency and submit a report for harassment.


Fido currently has to no way to track a incoming number that was forwarded to yours.




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I am wondering if there is a way to block numbers from calling you for awhile. For example I am receiving 5 to 15 calls per day during the daytime from this number 1-877-786-4567. At first I kept leaving it go to answering machine. Never leaving a message of course. Then I say hey, I have to answer incase of some kind of emergency right. Well there's no one on the other end.. its some kind of auto dialer. Listen folks I am not enjoying this whatsoever. It is having a serious effect on my well being. 


Yours Truly, 


Harassed to Heck


I don't know about your phone, but my Samsung SGH A736 has a reject option(or something like that). I just add the number and it goes away Smiley
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One option that I can suggest that I have yet to see being suggested is to call to customer service and have them fill out a form that will go to the CRTC. Now I cannot say that this will stop your calls that you are getting but it will at least bring to light to someone that this type of call is going on and hopefully stop it. I believe it is called Unsolicited Communication.

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option 1 :


option2 : some phone are able to accept calls from numbers in your phone contact list...however..the tradeoff is self explanatory


option 3 : every company must have a procedure to deal with clients who are receiving harrassing calls and fido is no exception...if the fido customer service agent just plainly told you there is nothing that can be done, i find that hard to believe


option 4 : change your ctn...and see if fido is willing to negotiate the fee....


my apologies if the above options are not happy ones...

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I'm a Participant Level 2

Thanks silentbuddha,


option 1: 

  -- Because my number is not in their list, then do not need to regist my number.


option 2:

 --not understand.

   I know some cell phones have the function to auto reject specific numbers. You can preset some numbers, when the call comes from these numbers, the phone will reject them immediately and automatically and there will be no UI and Ring present.  Maybe I need to buy such a phone.



option 3:

  -- I agree with you that it's hard to believe they have nothing to do. But I can not force them to do anything.


option 4:

 --I have no plan to change the number, because it's not easy to notify everybody who have my number.


Thank you agian for your reply.

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call forwarded means the ad company is calling someone elses number and their number is forwarding to your cellphone. its not really easy to determine whos forwarding the calls, but if you find out, you have to give THAT number to the ad company, not your own, then you wont receive calls.
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I'm a Participant Level 2

Thanks Paolo.


I think you understand what my problem is.  And I think only Fido employee can help to find out who forward the calls to my number. But the customer service guy told they can not find out.  Sad


If I can find out that number, I will call that number and ask the owner of that number to disable the call forwording to my number. Smiley