HELP: Contract phone battery issue

HELP: Contract phone battery issue

HELP: Contract phone battery issue

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HELP: Contract phone battery issue

My wife got a new S6 less than a year ago, the battery life now is less than half day. Overnight charging from direct power outlet through great quality cable only give 40% of charge, plug into computer USB port literly charges nothing.....


Based on fido customer service, our only option is give it back with $200+ cash to get a new S6.....  Is there any suggestions we can take?






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Hey @maxlolorz!


Did you get a chance to test the phone after a factory reset?


By the sound of it you would also still be within the manufacturer's warranty coverage. 


You can have the device sent for repair through our Repair & Loaner program.  


Several of our stores offer this service; you can find the closest one through our store locator.


I hope this was helpful. Smiley   

@maxlolorz  The Galaxy S6 is a quick charge phone but you have to use the original charger and cable not all cables are the same. Factory reset should be your last resort, lets see if we can figure out what is draining the battery or if the battery is indeed bad.


Download and install Gsam Battery Monitor from the play store let it go throught a cycle and it will tell you what is consuming the most power.