Got charged for Data Roaming while roaming was off

Got charged for Data Roaming while roaming was off

Got charged for Data Roaming while roaming was off

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I'm a Participant Level 1

Got charged for Data Roaming while roaming was off

I have been a customer of Fido for 4+ years. I travelled twice to US recently and I made sure my data roaming was off on my phone. I was surprised to see that I was charged $7.99 as a roaming fee on 4 different days while my data roaming was off on both trips (yes I am sure). I have read somewhere on the internet that people with iPhone faced the same problem previously. I am using Axon Zte. got it from Fido. I am wondering if anyone has faced such a problem. It is very frustrating speaking to customer service because they either can't figure out their system or they dismiss the issue by making it sound that it was my fault for not buying a roaming package that I don't need. This doesn't make sense.



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Hello Omz,


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  I am not aware of that particular phone having similar issues to the ones the iPhone had. Have you determined how much data was used to incur those charges? It should be outlined in your bill along with the roaming fees.


  I understand you had turned off roaming data. Did you turn off cellular data as well? Had you sent/received any MMS while in the US? Since the data within MMS is treated differently than other data, that particular phone may not block MMS data even though roaming data disabled (purely speculation on my part). However, MMS sent/received while roaming would incur roaming data charges. 


  If the data used each time was only a couple of Kb, it's likely the phone was sending/receiving a ping of some sort. If that is the case, I would imagine you could get the charges reversed.


  You might consider contacting ZTE (and/or their forums) to determine whether they have encountered a similar situation.


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Hey @omz


Thanks for reaching out about this and mostly welcome to the Community. 


If your roaming was off it's definitely strange that you would have incurred data charges.It's very unlikely. Were there only charges for data? 


What I like to do is remove my SIM card from the phone to be 100 % sure there will be no usage.