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Google chrome

Google chrome

I'm a Participant Level 3

Google chrome

Since the new version of your web site chrome is not working. May I reminde you that chrome has 68% of the market?


Fido Employee

Hi @vivi2  Sorry to hear you are having issues with Chrome & -- would you be able to be more specific as to what the issues are so that we could try and address them?   Any information you can provide would go a long way into ensuring we are providing a positive experience.  Thanks!

I'm a Participant Level 1

Not OP, but I have also had issues with the site on every platform.


I use a macbook with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. I've also tried it on mobile (Android Chrome and Dolphin), and on a windows 7 PC on Chrome and Firefox.


I have never been able to use any service beyond checking my account usage, or viewing my bills.


I have tried: Adding a second line, Ordering a new phone, adding a travel pack (twice), changing my phone number.


Every time I need to do anything, I just call support. Which is great, but I should be able to do all these things from your website.

Hey @mercius,


we are working on some of the issues that's effecting all platforms. You can view the list by clicking here: Hope this helps! Smiley


Chrome does not always work well with Fido website. I suggest you clear your browser cache or use a diffrent browser.