Gone are the Day's when Loyality mattered!!!!

Gone are the Day's when Loyality mattered!!!!

Gone are the Day's when Loyality mattered!!!!

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Gone are the Day's when Loyality mattered!!!!

Hi, FIDO President,
with great disappointment and displeasure
I am writing you, I am Fido loyal for 14-15 years, and working as an Accredited Translator & Interpreter for 12years in BC & Alberta, have forwarded dozens of new Canadian Immigrant for their cellular needs to Fido, I am just mesmerized at the quality of customer service, that has declined at Fido, WOW.
I called in 4 times today to get my 2-lines renewed, other than a young gentleman "Stein" who basically followed the traditional customers rules, every body else just tried shove, stupid stipulation, when in the market Freedom, Chatter and telus offering some good competitive sales.
Just for the record, not happy for sending my students and clients towards fido......who do not show love and respect to loyal clients.
Just an embarrassing tradition of corporate culture.
will think many times to forward any new client towards FIDO, going forward.
I am working as an Interpreter & translator and Also Licensed Driving instructor for 12- years having sent 100's of students and clients who I forwarded to FIDO, hopefully not any more.

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that is wise to not to sign contract, get an simfree unlocked phone. shop around. we the customers are like 'free agents' in the professional sports. except that we for the best price and service. (note that the cheapest price does not equal best service, or highest price does not equal best price.

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Hello Shakman959,


@shakman959 wrote:...when in the market Freedom, Chatter and telus offering some good competitive sales....

  While it's true Fido generally does not price match on an individual basis, they often have sales of their own. That said, when you're comparing plans, make sure you're comparing similar services. For example, although Freedom's coverage has improved since their Wind days, their Nationwide coverage is still rather poor.


Adapted from here.


  While they don't necessarily advertise their lack of Nationwide coverage, their plans do incorporate Home and Away network access. 


  In addition, are you aware that Chatr Mobile is a prepaid service which only offers '3G' data. Furthermore, some of their plans only include Talk and Text that is In-Zone...


  I do not wish to bad-mouth any particular provider. However, people should be aware that there can be potentially significant differences between the providers and the services they offer which can reflect in the pricing of plans. They might seem like great deals, but sometimes you might just be not paying for what you're not getting.


  I'm not trying to sway your decision. Just make sure you compare similar plans and services offered with those plans.


Hope this helps Smiley




Hello @shakman959


I took the time to read your post and it's definitely not the felling that we want from our long time customers.


We would be happy to go over your options here. I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.

Talk to you soon.



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did not recived any response???

need to go now


good bye

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Thank you for your patience @shakman959, it's greatly appreciated Smiley


We have answered your PM! We answer post in the order we receive them, we apologize for the delays between our responses, rest assured that we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Get back to us whenever you have time, we'll be there to help.

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sure Mr. or Miss or Mrs. moderrator@FidoKenny

you can call me at XXX XXX-XXXX

I'll be waiting for your phone call.


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Hey @shakman959, Thomas here to help!


Excellent, I have replied to your PM. 


By the way we had to hide your phone number, we don't want to share it with all the users of the Community hahaha


Talk to you soon Smiley



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thanks, for timely response.

finally after 15 years and complainng out in the open forum, someone is listening.


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authantication form fillup........... is done/completed

you guys can phone me.