Get 3GB for as low as $45/mo!

Get 3GB for as low as $45/mo!

Get 3GB for as low as $45/mo!

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Get 3GB for as low as $45/mo!

saw this promotion today on the fido website.

The fine print explains :


1. 2 GB data bonus available with new activation or phone upgrade on in-market 1 GB Data, Talk & Text plans, and 1GB, 4GB and 10 GB Fido Pulse plans for 24 consecutive months. Change of plan or phone upgrade following plan activation before the end of the 24-month period will terminate data bonus.


I just signed up with fido and today is actually the last day of my first billing cycle.


I signed up on the $45 for 500mb monthly plan. and would like to switch to the new promo plan.


been waiitng for chat all day, no response as of yet, so thougt i would post my question here.


I tried online to switch to the 1Gb plan, that is offering the extra 2Gb offer, but at checkout, the extra $10 discount did not apply, so I did not finish with the transaction.

If the $10 discount gets applied automaticaly, I will simply finish the transaction online.


I would like to do it today, as today is the last day of my billing cycle, so Im hoping Ill be able to track my usage for next month..




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Re: Get 3GB for as low as $45/mo!

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Hi @Fireram,


Let me send you a PM to check this out. 

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Hi @Fireram,


Let me send you a PM to check this out. 

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So. I actually have the same question. But it's regarding the $60/10gb promo. 


I signed up online last night for the $60/10gb promo instead of the $45/3gb.  Impulse buy. My bad. I'll never use half that data.


Same situation. When I changed my plan on my account. The purchase completed. I verified by texting pulse to 222 within minutes.  And after about an hour I could see my new plan on under my account. 


However it dose not indicate the extra 5gb bonus anywhere. 


Another post on here a moderator indicated it could take two to three billing cycles for the bonus to appear. If that's the case will people be charged $7/100mb for over 5gb until it's applied?


thanks for the info. I know fido has been overwhelmed this weekend. It's so easy to change plans online. If the web site was more clear about the promos and applying them I'm sure you could cut down on the customer device calls. 

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, @Fireram.


Rest assured the extra data will be added automatically. If it takes more than one billing cycle, we will simply make the necessary adjustments in case you exceed 5 gb.


Sounds good?

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Is 3G/$45 plan still available?

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Hi @balut!


The promotion is still available. You can get all the info here.


Cheers! Smiley

I have checked and the promo is available to you Smiley You'll see the plan listed at $55 here. It comes with a $10 discount for 12 months for all new activations making the plan $45/month. 


Hope that helps! 


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The $45/mo promo has only 500mb data. Not 3g

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Which province are you in? 



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Sounds great,, thanks for clearing that up.


Take care


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how do I get this plan??? 

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cds5,, if you have not found an answer yet, try this :


Goto fido . ca , click on promos,


almost at the top you should see the 3GB $45/mo promo. click on GO GET IT


That should take you to a choose your plan page, you may be asked to log in first, you should see 4 tabs, one should already be selected and be labeled DATA, TALK & TEXT PLANS for smartphones. if its not selected, click on it.


That tab should reveal the two plans, a 500Mb one and the 1GB plan, that has a blue lable on top indicating the 2GB bonus data + save $10/ month for 12 months.  Click the GET THIS PLAN tab.


follow the directions from there and finish the transaction.


Even tho it may not indicate your getting the 3GB for $45, because your signing up for the 1GB/$55 plan,, the bonus's are not shown at checkout, but,, as the moderators on here have expained, the bonus will be applied, it may take a billing cycle or two.


Not to worry, I am also assured by the moderators here that any overages you may use before the bonus is applied, will be credited to you once the system registers your bonus.


Hope that helps...


good luck..  I bit on the 10Gb/$60 plan,,

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that is great but after 12 months the bonus data is gone and you are stuck with 1 giga byte of data and the base plan price increases by 10 dollars.  not worth it imho, i would rather see a 3 gig $45 dollar plan PERMANENTLY. that is how they get you by offering these enticing bonuses which expire,  make a $45 dollar unlimited plan with 3 gigs ONGOING PLEASE. thx