Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update

Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update

Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update

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Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update

I've read at numerous online points today that officially Marshmallow is rolling out globally for Galaxy S6 devices starting today, Feb 15th. I've checked the Schedule for Fido, but still no change/update. Any word about when this will happen?






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Re: Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update

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Hey everyone,


The Android M update with Wi-Fi Calling & security updates is now available for the S6/S6 Edge!


Thank you so much for your patience with this!


To find out more about Wi-Fi Calling, click here.

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What do we change it to?

Sasketel (BWA) and Eastlink (ESK) have the latest build.

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I tried the bell network and now eastlink, the update hasn't pop up, is it instant or it take a couple of hours to show up? Also i don't have my sim card inserted it's in my 2nd phone, does it affect the search of the update?

@Dions SIM card do not need to be in. Just connect to WiFi and do a manual software update check.

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@KAPABLE-K and @Antaress it worked!!! I now have 6.0.1 with security patch April 2, 2016.
TLS give you the update instaly, you don't need to put the SIM card, just use your wifi. 
i'm changing it back to FMC for fido, hopefully VOLTE will working, ill be testing it in a couple of min. 
FIDO thank's for all the support........ keep your update and fire your IT team since they are useless..
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Way to go, I installed it that way also. got tired of waiting for that intern to figure things out. At this rate Android N will be on phones before they get M on the S6 line.
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So happy not to be sitting around waiting for Marshmallow. Coming soon obviously means Fido doesn't know if or when they'll ever have Marshmallow for the S6/S6 Edge. I really hope Samsung gives Rogers /Fido a severe reprimand for how this is all being handled.
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Hello guys..
I do not understant how it is still possible that we wait for this update.. all the other devices and carriers already have it.. I don't see the point. Fido is really driving customers away. This seems really unfair..
On the freaking site with sheaduled updates it is standing "Comming soon from February" I mean, c'mon..
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Fun fact: Pokemon Go released in Canada faster than Rogers/Fido updating this phone to marshmallow.

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Wth Fido... been seeing marshmallow updates on other devices since last year Nov 2015 for other providers. Even S5 according to your update list has marshmallow. How does S6 which isn't even that old of a phone, doesn't have it 7 months into 2016???!!!? Smh so disappointed. Not very fast service at all.

It's simple Fido will not release because their VoLTE network is not working correct. See how many S7 users are complaining about connection issues that's because the S7 is also a VoLTE compatible phone.

The last issue they had when 5.1.1 was released that's because VoLTE was introduced then.

So don't expect Android M update until they figure it out or make a work around.

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Oh ho I beg to differ!

Although the update is now ridiculously late, and despite the fact that they promised it last month, I am fully prepared to believe FIDO when they change 'June' to 'soon'...

Because I am stupid enough to have signed up with them in the first place.

(Smart enough, however, to not make that mistake again...)

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Then maybe Rogers/Fido should not be providing these phones to customers if they can't support them. Just saying.

They will never admit the issue is with them but rather point the blame on Samsung

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This might make sense if every other big carrier along with budget carriers like Eastlink and Videotron have already released the update. I place the blame squarely on Fido.
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Over on the Rogers forums there is more outrage a bunch of customers sending emails to the ombudsman. Meanwhile as we take a break my friend is downloading marshmallow for his 2 year old S5 on Telus.
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What's terrible is I've checked again the link that Fido has posted: for their upgrade schedule.


Managers at Fido, this is a useless empty file with a list of phone names and no dates. This is not acceptable business practice. The very least you guys could do is start to fill in the schedule. Being in the software industry so long, I honestly don't know how anyone is getting away without some form of end date for testing. One thing I know, is it doesn't take "forever" to test. Better to at least give us "valuable" clients a hopeful date, shatter our dreams and then give us another one and string us along until we have an update. At least we won't all be thinking about whether we should switch carriers just to get with someone who is at least going to be prompt in supporting their phones. If you guys have no intentions of being fairly prompt in passing on upgrades over to your phones (especially basically new ones), at least allow the OEM aspect to open up so we can receive updates from Samsung. Skip the whole testing process and just let us get the updates.

Definitely. I think we should complain to CRTC or something as this is affecting both Rogers and Fido. They should not be allowed to operate like this. Security updates are vital to protecting Canadians from hacks. OS upgrades do so as well. 

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FYI Marshmallow has been released for the Galaxy S5 on Telus and Bell today!

Marshmallow for the GS6 has been out since the 19th of April on Telus.

I guess I know where I will be getting my next phone.

And please don't quote that Fido OS Update Schedule to me, I'm pretty sure for it to actually be defined as a schedule, it should have at least one date in there!
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Rogers /Fido your customers with high end phones are still waiting for security updated which was last done in November 2015. Your customers are waiting for a now 7 month old OS update and there is zero news.

If you do not take care of your customers, someone else will.
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anyone notice that fido "customer service" is not even responding to this thread anymore? 


I recently got s6, already p*seed off with fido service and support. now I can't get the damned thing updated without voiding the warranty