Galaxy S6 - Fix available for 5.1.1 upate?

Galaxy S6 - Fix available for 5.1.1 upate?

Galaxy S6 - Fix available for 5.1.1 upate?

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Galaxy S6 - Fix available for 5.1.1 upate?

Is there a fix yet for the bugged out 5.1.1 update that was rolled out last week? Judging from these forums, and others over on Rogers, I am far from being in the minority when I say "There are huge functionality issues here". All these threads seem to die out with "I am sending you a PM now to help you deal with this issue" coming from the mod team. Is this going to be officially patched soon, or will I have to live with a pocket computer as opposed to the smartphone I bought for the foreseeable future?:smileymad:

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This was an issue for me on 5.0.2 with calls going straight to voicemail and delayed text messages.

The 5.1.1 update made it worse, but these issues have been here since I picked up the phone 6 months ago!

I would also like to know a timeframe for this to be fixed.
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Seriously. This whole issue is nonsense. The update pooched any chance of me receiving calls and texts. Fido should be sending us new phones that work if they aren't able to fix the issue in a timely manner since none of their 'fixes' work.


FidoMods, if you are listening at all; maybe a class action lawsuit will put a fire under your butt? I'm not joking. 

Our teams are still working on resolving this issue, you will be contacted as soon as it's fixed. 


- Mathieu

When will this issue be resolved?  What is the estimated timeframe?

I'm with you this is ridiculous I have been suffering from this since the first wave of updates before they stopped it. The temp fix was to block the voLTE that seem to fix the problem until the last update now its back again so now the temp fix is to disable voLTE which was still disable but now I have to disable LTE what’s next? We get no compensation for this interruption but Fido make sure they bill me every month for services they are not providing.



We're still working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. With LTE disabled, are you able to receive calls and texts? 

So far it seems to be working with the LTE disabled.

Hey Mmmkay! It looks like we've been looking into this with you. If anything comes up, don't hesitate to reply to our last private message.


Hi euser_name! I can definitely understand how frustrating this can be. I'll send you a PM so we can look into this with you Smiley