Galaxy S6 - Android 5.1 Update

Galaxy S6 - Android 5.1 Update

Galaxy S6 - Android 5.1 Update

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Galaxy S6 - Android 5.1 Update

when is fido release android 5.1.1 for samsung galaxy S6 edge.






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Hey everyone!


UPDATE - click here,

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Just an update to my previous note. I have switch back to my old phone and still can't receive calls. What that says about the issue is for you to decide but from my end I'm starting to call on this being a Samsung issue.

We've got another thread that we'll be updating as soon as we receive news, so keep an eye out!


Hey everyone!


UPDATE - click here,

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My sister and I both have the s6 and since updating cannot make or accept calls. It continues to say the number you have called cannot be assigned. I am unable to factory reset as my phone cannot be backed up at this time. . Is there anything else that can be done?

Hey Snuggly,

I just reached out in PM to help you out.


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I updated my phone yesterday and so did my boyfriend. Now we have trouble sending/receieving text messages. Is there some sort of a bug? This started happening minutes after we both updated them. How can we get this issue resolved? We went to Samsung today and they were clueless on what's wrong with them. We feel helpless, please help! Thanks.

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I've installed the update and now i cant call or receive calls. Texting is working great and my 4G or LTE dont give me any troubles, but when i try to call someone (anyone) i get the same message again and again.. : this phone number is not assign please check the number and try again.

Hey The1Disciple and karinababexo,

This doesn't sound right! Have you tried to factory reset the phone yet?

Make sure to take a back up of your information before you do it Smiley

Let us know!

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After the update, my phone has been chiming on the fritz as if notifying me of something but there is nothing (notifications sounded even though "Do not disturb" mode was activated. I cannot send out texts but can recieve (using default messaging app). Phone calls seem to be OK.


Any resolutions to this yet?

Hey Studan,

Welcome to the Community! 

I'm sending you a PM to check things out Smiley


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Does this update enable Samsung Pay?

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Hi FidoStephen,


I am having the same issue as Jonathan_, after I updated my samsung s6, I was no longer able to send text messages. I was able to recieve them but it will not let me reply. Everytime I try to send a reply, it says it failed to send.


I was using the default messaging app for this and I tried a third party app (textra) and neither of them worked. My phone was working completely fine before this update and I know it cant be my phone since I've only had my phone for less than a month at this point.


I've also tried doing a factory reset and cleared the cache partition.


Any pointers on how to fix this issue because I rather not send my phone in unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Hey j5guan!


I'll send you a PM to check this out. Smiley

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AS OF 2015-10-10  -  AVOID THE 5.1.1 UPDATE FOR NOW. You have been warned. Fido and Rogers are experiencing a nation wide issue with the new samsung phones which affects call routing to your phone. You will not be able to receive calls or texts if you update. They will tell you that you have to turn off LTE to make it work but that fix only seems to work for very few people and I have had no success.

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I am having the same problem as well! I can receive texts but not send them ....unless they are MMS (include a picture)

Is this the fix they are advising, to turn off LTE?

Hey marielle!


You can disable the LTE and see if it makes a difference. We are working on getting this resolved ASAP.




Hey cquine.


It's coming soon but we don't have an exact date yet for the release of 5.1.1 just yet. 


Keep an eye on our OS upgrade schedule for the latest information. Smiley

Hey everyone,


5.1.1 is now live and being pushed out to customers Smiley  You should receive a notification to install the update.

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Hi FidoStephen,


My text messaging stopped working after the update was installed. I've tried rebooting the phone many times but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work.


Any tips?