Galaxy Nexus Prime to Fido?

Galaxy Nexus Prime to Fido?

Galaxy Nexus Prime to Fido?

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Galaxy Nexus Prime to Fido?

I know it hasn't officially been released yet but I'm really hoping the new Nexus Prime 4.0 android will be coming to Fido as Fido already has the Nexus S. Anyone agree?



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when is it coming?

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Im interested for the galaxy nexus too...will it come to fido soon????

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Since the Nexus line comes factory unlocked, you can literally get it from any carrier and plug your SIM in. The Nexus Prime is a penta-band phone so you still get 850Mhz reception + AWS (If you want to use Wind).


The only thing that I see why we want Fido to have it is to get it at a subsidize price.

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thanks for the info, but will Fido have it for sale when it gets out, that's what I would like to know...


if so, any idea when? i read it's supposed to be available early to mid november...



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I'm also interested in knowing whether Fido will offer Google's Samsung Galaxy Nexus - and, if so, when and on what terms.


I'm ready to upgrade phones now, and would probably switch providers if the Galaxy Nexus is only available at a reasonable subsidy elsewhere.

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Planning to do the same for me. Best Buy has a pre-order sale for the Google's Samsung Galaxy Nexus already and it's from Rogers for 159.99 with 3 year term. But I prefer to use my fido dollars so please Fido, get this phone or else I'm switching to Rogers come December when my contract expires.

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#1 reason Fido is good?  Fido Dollars.


#1 reason Fido has a terrible lineup for Android handsets?  Fido Dollars.


And now for the rant:


Fido clearly does not want people to use the Fido dollars on anything except the iPhone 4S.


I refuse to believe that Fido is just so stupid to not realize how much of a joke their Andriod lineup is, it has to be 100% iPhone and money related.  There has to be some scam setup that ends with Fido being cost significantly less money when people use their Fido bucks on iPhone's rather than Androids. 


Maybe it's as simple as Apple's costs are lower for carriers so the margins are much smaller on high end Android phones?


The current Android lineup is SPECIFICALLY designed so that if you are on Fido you would be COMPLETELY INSANE to buy one of these with your Fido bucks.


I have suffered, through a 3 year contract with an iPhone 3GS.  Never again.  Certainly I would never buy this joke they call the iPhone 4S.  The $600 smartphone that was already completely outdated upon release.


Love Fido, have no plans to leave the service, but I doubt I will ever buy a phone from them again on a 3-year contract.  I would be more likely to use the Fido bucks to get a discount on a ridiculous Apple device and sell it or trade it for a good Android.


*Funny to note the following words are not considered words on Fido's spell check:


#1.  Fido

#2.  iPhone

#3:  Anrdoid

#4:  smartphone


Maybe it's time for a revision there guys?  You're taking this budget carrier thing WAY too far.

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I highly doubt this has anything to do with Apple or iPhones lol. Put away the tinfoil hats. It's simply ROGERS marketing. Take a look at Fido's very own "Why fido?" page



"Contemporary phones and plans for every budget"


Fido has gone from the innovator in the industry to the newly-branded "discount" carrier, complete with affordable phones and a new yellow logo. Ugh.


The ONLY reason you still have iPhones on Fido is likely because the iPhone was released on Fido back when it was a "premium urban brand" BEFORE Rogers decided to rebrand the whole company.


Fido is trying to offer slightly cheaper plans and less 3-year contracts in favour of 2 years (and therefore can advertise more $0 phones and less of those evil 3-year things). This means less high end devices and quietly hoping the high end users will switch to Rogers. Anyone who is upset at Fido's selection should therefore NOT switch to Rogers and make sure to go to Bell, Telus, Wind or even Virgin (who all offer higher end handsets) instead.

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Patience has paid finally! ... Every tech blog is repeating the good news this morning... Galaxy Nexus at Fido on January 10th!

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and the motorla RAZR as well..

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Fido now has the Motorola RAZR running Gingerbread 2.3. I highly doubt that Google Nexus is coming here anytime soon.

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@Rador wrote:

Fido now has the Motorola RAZR running Gingerbread 2.3. I highly doubt that Google Nexus is coming here anytime soon.

It's already here. For days now.

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I stand corrected. Didn't see it in the Fido store I pass by everyday.


Looks like Fido dealers have a different promotion schedule???

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I highly doubt that Fido will have this phone available. 


When i called customer service in June, and complained about their outdated phone line up. The rep told me that they will expand their phone line up with more updated ones.

It's December now and there are nothing other than the iphone 4GS.
Very dissapointed with Fido and their product.


Only good thing is the phone plan is slightly cheaper than others.

Oh and FIDO DOLLARS but there are no phones to buy. 

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if you want any mid-high range phone then fido is not the option for you, as their agreements with apple ensure that other competitive models aren't offered. if you have the means to get a good quality superphone (atrix, s2 and raider) buy one unlocked, and ensure that you have the right sim for 4g usage(sim cards can still be bought with fido dollars).


the nexus s was only brought here because if the incredible overstock of having to compete with new dual core phones shortly after its release (mainly lg 2x and atrix), and even then, it was a whopping 5 months after its original american and asia release. so dont hold your breath waiting for the galaxy nexus.


however, for those who are scared of losing their retention plans when switching to rogers, you can easily take over a rogers retention contract with the exact same features at a lower price and still renew it at the same rate. I have 3 phones 1 rogers, 1 fido, and 1 speakout and i have retention plans on both my rogers and fido accounts after taking my business line to rogers.

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That's odd, I don't see the Nexus S on the Fido website anymore. All I can hope is that Fido will get the Galaxy Nexus in January. I don't want it in 6 months. The window of opportunity for sale is while the product is HOT. It just came out on other carriers, and the US will get it this week.


A great phone combined with a 2-year plan would be the best match.

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Very strange. I got the Nexus S from Fido a couple months ago...

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I have been a Fido client for 14 years since their first few months. But their phone lineup is quite limited right now. So much so I am going to switch to Rogers if they don't get either the Razr or the S II by Dec 1. Hey if I get 2 phones @ 149 each and put them on family pan I get a free Galaxy tab 10.1 - I hope fido comes up with something to answer to that deal. I like Fido and would like to stay but Come on Fido

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Fido will not get neither SII or RAZR. RAZR is a Rogers exclusive, which means no other carrier will get it. Also SII will not come to Fido because Rogers will lose their higher end customers if they made those phones available for Fido. With Fido you get cheaper phone plans but at the expense of limited selection of handsets.