Free 1 gig text

Free 1 gig text

Free 1 gig text

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Free 1 gig text

I got a text on December 7th 2016 from 4867 saying to reply with the word YES to get 1gig data for as long as I keep my plan.

After responding it states "We're sorry-unfortunately, you don't qualify for this offer.

My spouse got it as well on her account and got a respponse saying that the 1 gig has been added and I checked on both accounts yet only one has the extra.

We both have the exact same phone, exact same plan, exact same 15 dollar data on an additional tablet plan. 

Seems that something is wrong.

I've only asked the question now as the new month has just started and had to wait and see if it was posted to the account. Only one of them shows the extra.





@cuezone You can try calling customer service and have them look into it or a moderator here will message you and have a look at your account, in the mean time do not delete the text that was sent to your phone.

Hi there @cuezone


Thanks for reaching out!


What you're describing was a promotion, sent by SMS to targeted customers to receive additional data. 


The extra data is free, and only applies to customers who already have a voice and data plan.


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at this together & see what happened here Smiley