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Hey there.


I am writing as I have been a victim of fraud through fido. Someone was able to gain access to my account, change my pin number & order a brand new iphone.... racking up a bill of about $1300.00. I also have a UPS notification that states where the phone was sent, which is not my home address or address that is linked to my Fido account. I am very curios as to how this could have happened as when I then tried to call fido they wouldn't even let me talk to them without usinga pin to access the account. They instructed me to go to a Fido store to now change my pin so I could talk to them about the fraud issue. If you can only change you pin in store with ID how could someone else change my pin, lock me out and then buy a brand new iphone and rack up a huge bill on my account.



Needless to say this has been very frustrating and has taken hours out of my life to deal with. I finally gained access to my account over the phoen and they told me the Fraud dept would call me by days end (this was yesterday, October 4 2017) & I have still heard nothing.


This is very concerning & what concerns me even more is the lack of care that the Fido representives on the phone had for this issue. They had a ton of attitude and almost made it feel like all of this way my fault & I was to blame for it happening.


I would really appreciate some guidance on to how I can get this $1300.00 removed from my bill ASAP.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi - What ended up happening with this? Was it resolved to your satisfaction?

It just happened to me.


Thanks in advance!



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Have you already been in contact with someone for this matter?

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Same thing happened to me! I don’t understand how Fido can send a 1500$ device to a difference address from the one on the account!

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We're always working on new ways to prevent such fraudulent orders. Did you get someone to help with your account?


If not, we'd be happy to send you a PM and make sure this is sorted out. 

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I was supposed to receive a call today from the Fraud department but no one called me from Fido

I will be happy to take a peek at your account and see if we can find more info there. 


I'll send you a PM in a moment. Talk to you soon! Smiley 

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Hey @j2storey


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Having fraudulent activities happen on your account is never pleasant Sad Of course, it's not something we appreciate either and we really don't take it lightly. 

As for the way you were treated, this definitely isn't how we want any of our customers treated under any circumstance. 


I'll be more than happy to answer all your questions but first, let's access your account!


You'll be getting a PM from me in just a bit.