Fraud Victim

Fraud Victim

Fraud Victim

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Fraud Victim

Hello there,


After the initial shock and me running around all day trying to figure out what is going on with my account, I decided to ask for help from here.


It all started with the e-mail that I received this morning. It was from Fido saying that I requested to change my PIN, which I didn't. Then right after I lost the network on my phone and was not able to use it. Called Customer Center to resolve the issue. They told me that I have to go to the store to verify my ID, which was the first thing that I did as soon as I got out from work. The associates at the store told me that there is nothing they can do in store and I have to call customer service! The customer service then told me to talk to Fraud Department, but I was not able to talk to anyone from Fraud Department because it was too late and after business hours.


Now I have no idea who are these people trying to get into my account and what are they up to and where did they get all my personal information. I am also not sure if my account is safe and those ID thefts are not getting the text messages to sign into my any other accounts.


This has never happened to me before and I do not know what to do.


I would really really appreciate if someone from Fido can reach me and help me figure this out.



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Hey @fraudallert


Welcome to the Community! 


Thanks for reaching out about this and sorry to hear that you had a difficult day figuring this out! If there's one thing that I hate it's when these situations happen Sad


SInce you weren't able to reach the Fraud Department, I'll send you a PM so we can look into this for you Smiley