Fraud Alert all Fido customer

Fraud Alert all Fido customer

Fraud Alert all Fido customer

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Fraud Alert all Fido customer

Hello all

Some fraudster easily bypassed Fido's verification system and changed my contact info. to his email address and home address and ordered an Iphone7 to his address. Worst of all Fido sent all of the confidential information to the fraudster and did not think twice before changing all the information over the phone. Fraudsters address was in a far away province! So red flags everywhere! I am now very scared and will be pursuing legal action.

Fido is not holding me liable of the Iphone7 charges, but what about all the confidential information that was revealed by Fido?
I am warning all customers to put extra security measures as this could very well be an inside job in Fido.
Be aware all Fido customers. The fraud department was extremely rude.
Any further recommendations?
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In the begining I was having problem with my Samsun phone so I called Fido. The rep. informed me since my contract is almost up that I could upgrade my phone. I declined the offer the rep then tell me since I owed over 500$ I would have to bring my account up to date any way. Now 2 weeks later someone called change my address ,add an email and order an new Iphone 7. Now keep in mind my phone bill is over 500 that I have not paided yet. How is it possible that they agreed that someone upgraded my account get a new phone that cost nearly 1,500 and have a new sim card to change one of the number? 


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For those who have fraud issues, report to the local police.


Some stories posted here simply does not make sense and it makes me belive that such individuals are trying to insult Fido more than raise awareness.

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same thing happened to me; my account was hacked, just realized last week, still waiting for the Frud department to contact me; they changed adress, email, plan, contact phone numbers; bought an Iphone 7; have a bill now for 1000 dollars

Now I am afraid of all teh other infos that were stoled


so, instead of telling us people to contact the police

first thing first: they didn't steal from MY HOUSE OR MY CAR

They stole from my FIDO account so FiDO VERY SECURE HOUSE...

So no, I wont contact the police and I am not trying to insult FIDO but to make people aware what is happening

Only from what I read in this forum, they were a lot of similar cases since end 2016 to now, (one case was a fraud of 8000 something dollars)




If you'll be an individual like us, you would be as frustrated (if not more) like us


And you would demand FIDO to do something to avoid these fraud cases (all the same manner)

If not, they will just simply lose what they call ... valuable customers (I've been with FIDO 8 years now)



Hey @darly16,


And welcome to our Community!


Real sorry to learn this, it definitely doesn't sound right at all! I'll be more than happy to sort this out with you ASAP!


I'll be sending you a PM shortly to get started.



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I started to lose trust in Fido network as well . their verification system is very poor and has lots of glitches, data speed is not as fast as before, and their customer relation is very poor, their support line is very poor in terms of sound quality there is eco in the background and that funny Andria automated system need to be changed because its been there since i was 7 years old.





Sorry to see that you feel that way about the service.


We do appreciated the feedback and I will make sure to forward your comments to the right team.


If you need help with anything meanwhile, please let us know.

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I would go to one of the 2 credit bureaus and get a creit report of yourself right away.  Wait 6 months and then go to the 2nd credit bureau and get a credit check.  Repeat above for a few years to make sure your credit is not affected.


Is it an inside job? Possibly but highly unlikely.  All phone conversations are recorded and fido have transaction records of everything. It is a big stunt to pull off with a high risk of getting caught if this is done internally.  Let's be realistic. If I was the operator who answered the fruadster's call and changed all your information I would be very stressed and worried right now.


With regards to Fido's verification system, it can easily be bypassed for anyone who knows you well.  To combat that issue, they introduced the passcode verification system just like a PIN that is commonly used for credit card purchases.  If that person knows you well, it can easily be bypassed as well just by knowing your pin.  Have you ever talked to credit card companies on the phone while you are at work or with somene and then revealed your personal information?  Someone else at your work place could have easily copied down your information.  What about your online mail box and/or e-mail or e-post acocunts? Do you have them logged in and leave your computer unattended and unlocked at work?  While I am not trying to point the finger back to you, instead I want to highlight how easily it is for a fradster to get a hold of your information.


Good luck and keep us updated. 

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Hey @Mississauga86


Thank you for reaching out and Welcome to the Community. 


I'm sorry to hear that you went through this,  we take the security of your personal information very seriously. Unfortunately, situations ilke these sometimes occur and we do our best to rectify the situation.


I'll send you a PM to look into this further.