Fido, this is getting ridiculous...

Fido, this is getting ridiculous...

Fido, this is getting ridiculous...

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Fido, this is getting ridiculous...

I upgraded to an iPhone X with a large plan in early November, the whole process was done at my local Best Buy. Due to some server issues at the time, the representative at Best Buy was unavailable to use my available FidoDollars to reduce the upfront cost of the phone. He called the Fido HQ and got confirmation that the FidoDollars would be credited on my next bill. Very well, sounds painless enough. I pay the full upfront cost of the phone and am out of there.


First bill comes around for the full amount without the FidoDollars credited. I immediately call Fido and explain my situation, the customer service representative is somewhat apologetic and explains that the FidoDollars would instead be credited on my next bill. Very well, mistakes happen. I pay the full bill. 


Second bill comes around, and yet again the FidoDollars have not been credited. I call Fido again and the customer representative gives me a hard time saying that my FidoDollars can't be used to credit my bill since I should have used them at the point of purchase. After explaining my situation a few times, he finally takes the issue up with his manager who assures me that the FidoDollars would be credited for the next billing cycle. Ok, I pay the full bill, albeit getting somewhat ticked off.


And viola, here we are. Third bill has arrived and the FidoDollars have still not been credited. You get the gist by this point, I immediately called Fido and have been on hold for the past 2 hours though the wait time was claimed to be 7 to 11 minutes!? I am writing this hoping that one of you admins personally handle this situation since this whole charade is turning out to be a waste of my time and money. 

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I agree. It does not sound right either and I understand your frustration. Let's hope this issue gets resolved soon.


On a side note, I was never able to use any Fido dollars when I make cell phone upgrades at Best Buy. That was during that time when Fido dollars was still available and redeemable at any Fido store.  Another time Best buy claims that Fido will not allow them to process a cell phone device upgrade due to a grandfathered plan.  

For the above reason I haven't been to best buy recently for any phone upgrades.

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Hi @sabs94 !


That definitely doesn't sound right. Sad I'll go ahead and send you a PM to take a closer look into this. Chat soon!