Fido survey by email

Fido survey by email

Fido survey by email

I'm a Participant Level 1

Fido survey by email

Here is how clueless Fido's customer service is:

I keep getting these My fido Experience emails from with Fadel Chbihna's signature on it.

There is no option to quickly respond back to Fido as the email comes from a no reply address. Fadel's email address is not there.

So I go to Fido's website and click on the "show us some love" link and type the following message:

---------------message -------

This message is for Fadel Chabinha's who keeps sending me these Fido experience emails. As she doesn't put her own email address in those emails I have to resort to this feedback form. 


I have some suggestions for you since you asked.

  1. First of all put your own address in those emails if you really care about your customers' experience.
  2. Secondly, make that **bleep** survey short and specify up front how long it will take to finish the survey. You are not paying us enough to complete your survey of 10 pages and 100 clicks. Have some respect of your customers' time. I tried to fill up one survey as the agent was really helpful, but after clicking through 4 pages, I simply quit as it was going on and on.
  3. If you really want to improve your customer's experience, do something about your website. The most childish website I have ever seen. Even kids' websites have better designs. Not only is the front page awful, the navigation is equally difficult. Comparing plans is so difficult. Go and see Clearly Contact's website if you have no clue.



As soon as I sent this feedback message, I got a confirmation email from Fido saying “we don't monitor this inbox anymore”. Contact us on Facebook , tweeter.... And I was shaking my head...naive naive puppy..


Former Moderator

Hi @MG3123!


Thanks for the feedback!


The survey is there so we can collect your feedback. We have different steps and questions to make sure we can properly compare the info and make sure your feedback is properly addressed.  


You can use the Show us some Love option on our website as well. We still send the information and make sure your feedback is forwarded but we don't monitor it for servicing request. Sorry for the confusion there. 


Were you having difficulties with certain sections of the website? Let us know, we'd be happy to look into this for you.