Fido's apparent sharp practice regarding locking phones

Fido's apparent sharp practice regarding locking phones

Fido's apparent sharp practice regarding locking phones

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Fido's apparent sharp practice regarding locking phones

This is a rather complex history which I hope Fido has kept records as I must have complained to their support staff at least 6/8 times during a period of about 4 days before finally having to surmise how this problem occurred. In a nutshell, having in the past being a Fido customer, some months ago I decided to leave Bell (too expensive) and come back to Fido. I brought my own UNLOCKED iPhone 6S.  Everything was fine until charges appeared on my phone bill for over $90 for phone calls to a dating site. I absolutely under any circumstances use that number or rack up those charges but Fido said that there was not much they could do and when I insisted the young lady said that she would waive the charges. But when I received the bill the charges were still there. Around the same time I got an offer from Rogers to move my wireless account to them and because I already had TV, Internet, Home phone with Rogers for more than 15 years it seemed logical as Fido had treated me unfairly in my opinion as I am sure there must be a way for scammers to invade an account. I know that I was getting an increasing number of junk calls. I wonder if in answering and talking until I realized it was a sales call or some scam and hung up, that they managed to somehow rack charges on my account.  Anyway,.. after moving to Rogers, I decided to sell my old iPhone to a friend. I won't go into all the frustrating detail, but the crux of the matter was that my phone seemed inexplicably blocked. A few days before, I left the phone at a friend's place, but panicked and thought I had lost it. I called Fido and asked them to put a block on the sim card as I wasn't sure it was lost but wouldn't know for sure until I could reach my friend who was at work and unavailable. I was assured this was the best plan and " the blocks will be easily removed the minute you call back" was what I was told by Fido support. 

Luckily, I had left the phone at my friend's apartment, so the very next day I call Fido and was assured that all blocks were removed and that the phone could be used on any network. I sold the phone to my friend who on putting in several sim cards the phone constantly showed no service. Now began the saga of dealing with Fido. I must have made 3;4 calls to Fido support who insisted that the blocks had been removed. They would troubleshoot etc.  and yet could find nothing then one of them said that by mistake the phone had not been removed from the blacklist - I had specifically asked if this would be a problem and was assured not. Now, this was the issue. Anyway, after another series of calls, I am assured that the phone had now been cleared by the blacklist and was good to go.... Needless to say, it still didn't work. Spoke to Fido several times and they had no solution as to the issue. On Day 4 of this saga, stressed out, my poor friend was going out his mind as he did not have a working cellphone which was affecting his business. I have by now spent an aggregate of at least 1 day on this issue and I bill my clients $120 an hour for my time. There is a point to this. At this point, beyond frustrated, I decided to go into a Fido kiosk at the Eaton Centre, where I met the only helpful Fido employee.  She confirmed my theory that Fido had LOCKED THE PHONE TO THEIR NETWORK. Bear in mind I presented Fido with an unlocked phone and I expected to get an unlocked phone back. The annoying thing is that they messed me around for 4 days and did not even suggest that it was a possibility that they had locked the phone to their network. I must have spoken to 4-6 different support people who troubleshot etc. but yet NONE OF THEM THOUGHT THIS WAS A POSSIBILITY? I understood that under the new Wireless Laws of conduct locking a phone to a network is illegal !! It seemed apparent to me that Fido knowingly locked the phone to their network to make it difficult for me to change networks. To add fuel to the fire one of the support staff at one point convinced my friend to keep the iPhone as Fido as we were having this difficulty and he would match the pricing. We agreed on this and began the process except that when my friend went to the Fido store the next day they had no record of the pre-sale agreement make by the Fido support guy the night before and the deal would not be the same and again this cost us both a great deal of time. At that point, my friend said that if Fido were the last provider on earth he would rather give up having a phone than to have to deal with them. So I took the phone and decided once and for all I would confront customer service who now were very helpful as I threatened to report Fido to CRTC for sharp practice. They admitted that the phone was locked to Fido but said that it may have been overlooked or hard to discern ??? That explanation made no sense. I was calm but furious by this point as had they admitted they had locked the phone and just unlocked it at the beginning I would not have wasted a day's worth of my time. So as far as I am concerned Fido owes me in the region of $1000 for lost income, to begin with much less the frustration and stress this illegal practice has caused to me and my friend. I felt responsible as I didn't want him to think I had sold him a dud phone. Anyway finally the support guy at Fido customer care was helpful and after 45 minutes of approval getting he apologized and assured me that the lock was removed after trying to explain how this was missed by so many of their support staff for 4 days. Then at the end of the call,iPad he offered to give me free data for iPad that I still have on account at Fido. I said at that time I could not accept any offers (especially such an insultingly low one) that may prejudice any further action I decide to take with this complaint. My next step is this forum and I will wait to see what Fido has to say officially and reserve the right to take the matter further to the CCTS.  



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I'm really sorry to read about what you had went through and I assure you that this doesn't reflect at all how we like to treat our customers Sad


It's not uncommon for a device to lock to a provider once their SIM card is inserted in the phone and when that happens, you would need to contact the manufacturer to get the unlock code. This being said, it should have definitely not taken all this time to sort things out and I'm sincerely sorry this was your experience with us!


I will send you a Private Message right away to take a closer look into everything with you and see what can be done. 


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