Fido's Horrible Customer Service

Fido's Horrible Customer Service

Fido's Horrible Customer Service

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Fido's Horrible Customer Service

I'm getting really fed up with Fido's customer service. The information they give me and the lack of dedication to their work causes so much confusion.


1) When I was signing up, I was hoping to be joined on another account to be eligible for the 10% discount. Fido's customer service said that the account holder had too many numbers and I had to wait for them to run a check. The second agent said it was approved. When I tried to activate in-store, the clerk said they couldn't. They third agent said that the line wasn't approved and told me to wait. The account holder called in and they said it was approved, but again, it ultimately wasn't. This happened 4-5 times and in the end, I activated my line under my own name. Afterwards, Fido said that the new line was approved for the account holder. Thanks for cheating me out of the discount! There's no way for me to migrate over to be eligible for the discount and to keep my phone number now!


2) I tried to activate Wi-Fi calling, but Fido said because my device wasn't bought at Fido, they couldn't activate it. I had to deal with at least five agents. I went to the Apple store and they said that isn't the case because the agent himself had a non-Fido phone and he could use Wi-Fi calling. Guess what. When I told Fido that, they magically got it to work. So what were the other agents talking about (including two from your technical support)?


3) I got a text from Fido saying that I'm at 90% of my data usage. When I checked by calling the automated service (because your app and your site don't list the information as your agents say that the site is and has been undergoing maintenance for the past two and a half months), it says I have used 1.6 GB of my 2.3 GB. When I called in to talk to an agent to confirm, they said that the information is correct. I said that I am not at my 90% mark with that information. He responds with, "Yes, it is. You are at 90%."


Just to keep this post "short", I'm not going to list out all the interactions that I have had with Fido, but I don't understand why all of your agents keep giving out conflicting information. If I ever find another carrier that can match or beat the plan that I have, you can bet I'm going with them.


If you're not yet a Fido customer, be aware. Fido agents give out conflicting information all the time.






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Hey Porshe 


Welcome to the Fido Community & thanks for reaching out!


I'm very sad to hear about your experience. I know how confusing it must be when information changes time-after-time & I'd love to help clarify everything you need today!


It's true that we can't promise that the service "WI-Fi Calling" will work with any non-Fido phone, indeed.


On our end, the only eligible devices are the iPhone5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6s Plus on iOS9 - And, they must be  purchased from Fido! 

 If they got it to work though with a non-Fido phone; Great 😃 We simply can't guarantee it. 


By the way, there's a few things to keep in mind, when it comes to our Data Tracker: 

- There might be a delay between the time you end the data session, and the time the Data Tracker notification is sent (up to 12h delay).

- You'll only receive a notification for the highest threshold (either reaching 90% or 100% of your Data usage) that was passed during each data session.
- SMS notifications are always sent between 8am - 10pm EST. Anyone who passes a threshold outside of the above hours are notified the following morning.

- The text message alert is sent only after you've turned Off Mobile Data. This means you won't get any SMS notification while you are still connected to Mobile Data.


I hope the information about the Data Tracker was useful to some!


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at this together 😃 


Thanks again!

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If what you're telling me about the Wi-Fi calling is true, then your agents need to be formally trained on this issue because the agent that tended to my case said that's not the case. He said all he has to do is to enter a code into the account. That's it. That's the formal solution to this problem. Guess what. It works. Your other agents don't even try.


I don't understand how what you say about your Data Tracker is relevant. It says I've reached 90%. I'm nowhere near 90%. If I were over 90% and I got that message indicating so, I would understand the delay and how it's pertinent. I'm not at 90% and you're telling me that I'm at 90% or over.


I like how you even tried to address the first issue.



I just thought we could address the first issue by PM since it might be easier... 


I've just replied to your PM.


Thanks again.