Fido prepaid 100 anytime minutes not refilling

Fido prepaid 100 anytime minutes not refilling

Fido prepaid 100 anytime minutes not refilling

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Fido prepaid 100 anytime minutes not refilling

Hi Fido,

I'm on prepaid $85/year unlimited evenings and weekend plan (grandfathered plan). I renewed my plan on April 1st 2016. I am suppose to have 100 minutes local calling, so why am I still set at 4 minutes? Also my plan doesn't match up with the description of all the calling features listed on my account

-Unlimited Outgoing texts(From Canada to Canadian mobile number)

-30¢ per text Outgoing international text (From Canada to U.S. or international
mobile numbers)

-100 Anytime Local minutes valid for 1 yearAnytime Minutes

-40¢ per minute Incoming calls

-UnlimitedEvenings and weekends (Weeknights, from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. and weekends from Friday 5 p.m. to Monday 7 a.m.)

What features exactly did I pay for?

Kevin Dong





The refill can take up to 48hours so that could be one reason why your account didn't reflect the 100min as yet.


What features is not correct?

Hey keidon, 


Thanks for reaching out about this Smiley


I'll send you a PM so we can compare your plan and what's listed on the My Account portion of the website! 





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I wish I can post a screenshot of the "features" listed on my account. The ones listed on my first post are the actual features. I have seen these features listed ever since revamped.

This is keidon. I don't know why I posting under a different username. This is my first time on the forums.

@kevangel you have two profiles? 


I sent a PM to @keidon to help out, I'm waiting for a reply Smiley .