Fido porting number horror story

Fido porting number horror story

Fido porting number horror story

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Fido porting number horror story

Oct 15th: Transferred a phone number over from another carrier to Fido. Fido gave me a temporary number and told me "15 minutes till you can use your new number". 2 hours later I was told on the phone that the process can take longer. 


Oct 16th-19th: Various calls. Talked to maybe 5-6 different agents. Wasted hours.


Oct 20th: Number gets ported (atleast its supposed to). My old phone which still had the sim from the other carrier goes dead which is good since I want that number on my new phone. My Fido sim also goes dead though. I have no phone signals all of a sudden. LTE still works. Spent 3-4 hours talking to Fido customer support, getting redirected 4-5 times. In the end I was told it's a network glitch and will be fixed in "24 hours". I think I've heard that every day from Fido now.


My experience so far has been so horrible that I am leaning towards changing carriers again. In any case I am not going to waste any more time talking to customer support any more. 



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If I understand correctly, you cannot place calls but you can use data? How about SMS?


Do you see any signal bar on your phone in the notification bar?


Let us know!