Fido overage incorrect/scam

Fido overage incorrect/scam

Fido overage incorrect/scam

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Fido overage incorrect/scam

I’ve been a Fido customer for 17 years. Recently I’ve become very frustrated with a few issues but have ultimately been able to resolve, albeit with A LOT of my personal time invested in customer service calls. This time I am really turned off and am going to switch to another provider. I have a 6gb plan that I never exceed. This month, two days before an out of county vacation, I received a notice that I had gone over my data and needed to iurchase more. I did, I selected the $20 for 1.5gb option and received confirmation that it went through. The next day I received the same message that I had give over my data and needed to purchase more. There is no way I had used it all, I was at home with wifi and I was skeptical about the original data overage message. I phoned, and the customer service rep said not to worry that it was an error and I had lots of data left. A few days into my trip, I received a message that I had $50 overage fees and my data was cut off. I phoned Fido and spent a long time on the phone only to be told I needed to buy another plan with 10gb of data in order for dayatinbe turned back on. I did because I was out of the country and didn’t have time to deal with this. However, my data was never turned back on and I spent the rest of my 9 day trip without data unable to receive imessages. I phoned again and the fido rep said it didn’t show on her end that data was turned off and that I should call tech. On my next billing cycle date, miraculously my data cams back on along with a notification that I had $30 in additional data top up fees plus the additional plan charges. I hav not received my bill yet, but this seems like such a scam. And incorrect. And this is the final straw of having to spend time dealing with customer service. It’s so frustrating, especially because I paid for a service for my trip and was not able to use it yet am still being double charged for the data top up and a new plan.

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This is not yet resolved. I replied to the FIDOs last message, and am being asked to fill in the ID form again by a different rep. How do I continue with the existing private message thread? Without starting from scratch? Thanks 

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For security reasons, we have to ask this for every new conversation in PM, as we close old conversation after 48 hours.


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First, thank you for your loyalty! Your 17 years does not go unnoticed. Smiley


Dealing with data overages can be frustrating, especially while on a trip! We're here to help with this and I'm sure we'll sort out the situation. We definitely don't want to lose you as a customer.


Has your data usage changed since you've been on your trip? Did you take a look the data used by your Apps in the device settings? 


I'll send you a PM right away so we can look into what happened with the notifications you received. 


Talk to you soon! 

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The data issue started before I left on my trip, so it is not the result of my trip. And before I left I phoned to make sure there wouldn’t be an issue while on my trip, because I was confused as to why I received an overage message in the first place let alone a second overage notice only a day after I had just bought a $20 top up. This was Saturday, and I left for my trip on Monday. The rep told me that I had plenty of data left and to ignore the second top up message. So I left on my trip and on Thursday I received a message that I had $50 in overages and to respond for a top up. I called right away. I will add that this is NOT what you want to be spending your time doing while on vacation. The rep didn’t know what was going on, put me on hold and came back to tell me the only way to have data turned back on was to upgrade my plan to a 10gb plan. Because I had little time to deal with this, which I told him, I took that plan and said I would’ve callimg back after my trip. I got a message confirming that the changes were made, and restarted my phone. Data still didn’t work. I phoned back and a different rep told me that she didn’t understand why it wouldn’t be working, and she restarted my network. All that did was disconnect me and then my phone showed no service and no bars rendering it completely useless for a day. The servicecame back eventually, but my data did not and didn’t work my whole trip until four days later on Nov 12 which was the start of my next billing cycle. So now it seems I’ve been charged a $10 top up, a $20 top up plus upgraded to a new plan and I have not seen my bill yet but have a message saying that I have $50 in overages (received after I responded and received confirmation that I bought a top up) all for service that I was not able to use while on my vacation, which is what I bought the top up for in the first place. Plus the time and frustration spent dealing with different Fido reps who all told me different things. 

Hello @JennQN. I want to thank you for sharing your situation here on the Community. I would like to tell you that this type of experience is not what we want for any of our customers.

I see that we sent you a PM concerning this. We can go over your account together from there.

Talk to you soon.