Fido once again shows how much they value me as a customer...

Service interruption

An update for our valued customers: We know you depend on us and on April 19, we let you down - for this we are truly sorry. You won’t be charged for your wireless services that were impacted on Monday, April 19. A credit equivalent to that day's wireless service fee will be applied to your May bill. This will be done automatically & no action is required by you.

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Fido once again shows how much they value me as a customer...

Fido once again shows how much they value me as a customer...

I'm a Participant Level 3

Fido once again shows how much they value me as a customer...

I have been a Fido customer since 2009 and I have had my current plan since 2013. 


I found out today that Fido has increased the rate for my account by $5 per month and the only notice I received was hidden on page 4 of last month's bill. I receive an e-mail telling me my Fido bill is ready each month and then I have to log into a completely useless and frustrating website in order to "see" my bill.  When looking at my bill, there was no notice of the coming increase in the "Fido bulletin board" on the summary page.  I had to select view billing details and then scroll down to the very bottom to find the notice.  No other communication was sent by Fido.  I would like the community to tell me "How many people read the Billing Details if the total of your bill is the same as it is every month?"


This is the copy of the notice:



As a long-time customer, we value your loyalty and strive to deliver best in class mobile experiences to you every day. To support ongoing service upgrades that help us consistently deliver the best possible product experience, we periodically need to adjust the pricing of our plans. As a result, the amount of your monthly service fee for the mobile number listed before this message will be increasing by $5 on the date of your first bill on or after June 1, 2018. Your mobile plan continues to offer great value and is only available to long-time customers like you. All other aspects of your mobile service will remain the same. This change is made in accordance with the CRTC Wireless Code. If you wish to respond to this notice or have any questions, concerns or wish to modify, cancel or enhance your services, please refer to the Contact Us section of this bill. Thank you.


In addition to basically hiding this notification, Fido included the rate increase on my bill dated May 31, 2018. They have at least given me a $5 credit for this bill.


Further investigation, led me to find out that I can have all the services I currently have with Fido on a plan that is $20/month less than what I am paying now and have been paying for the last 5 years.


My billing details show my current plan as: 

Smart Plan
This service includes:
  • 2GB Data
  • Unlimited Text, Picture and Video Messages from Canada to Canadian, U.S. and International Mobile Numbers
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Minutes
  • Unlimited Circle Calling Minutes
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Conference Call

The details on the Fido website for the new plan state:

  • Canada-wide calling3
  • Circle CallingTM: unlimited Canada-wide calling between subscribers on the same account
  • Save $30 Transaction Fee when you buy online±
  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL text, picture, and video messaging4
  • Call Display8
  • Voicemail7
  • Now get deals and giveaways with
    Fido XTRA. Every Thursday, exclusively on the Fido app.44
  • Live like a local and stay connected when you're abroad with Fido Roam.12
  • Overage Rate : $7/100 MB
The customer service rep told me that yes, I can switch to this plan, no problem.  Unfortunately, customer service is unable to send me the legal details of my current plan. Fido also can not send me the legal details for the new plan until such time as I agree to the new plan. Apparently the details do not exist until after I agree to them and then, they can only be generated by the system once, so if I happen to misplace them, I am SOL.  Upon reviewing the fine print online regarding this plan, I found out a number of things that the service rep did not bother to mention including the fact that this plan is only available to new activations or that if I go to a lower price plan (even if it pretty much matches the same plan I currently have) there may be a downgrade fee.  When I try to change to this plan through My Account online, this plan does not come up as an option.  I am ready to tell Fido to go !%#%$^$ themselves and use them for the rest of my life as an example of what bad customer service looks like and how to lose customers.  


So Fido wants me to now pay $65/month (formerly $60/month) for the same services I would receive if I switched to a plan where I pay $45/month.


This is not only shifty billing practices, it is a complete lack of customer service. Fido seems to think that the longer you are with Fido the more you should pay for the same services. Way to go once again Fido for showing me how much you value me as a customer.


Hey @laurie-ross


I am sorry to see you feel this way. We try not to increase the price of our products and services. However, we sometimes adjust the pricing so we can continue investing in our services and network. We absolutely were not looking to hide this information in any way, the price increase details happens to be found on the same page describing your plan details. 


As for changing to the newer plan, we can definitely look into switching the plan over for you! Can you clarify which legal details you were inquiring about for the new plan? 

@laurie-ross I am so sorry that was your experience. I have been with Fido myself since 2002 and have always been able to work well with the CSR's . Why not give the mods here on the community site a chance to make it right for you? You may just have a new experience to share in the future on good business models. 

So many things can happen to make us feel not important, but I think the good people here may be able to change your mind. Good luck 🍀 hope to hear good news  :newspaper: 

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