Fido new website

Fido new website

Fido new website

I'm a Participant Level 1

Fido new website

The Fido new website is so hard to use, The way they redsign the interface is not user friendly at all.

Is not easy to find out what  i needed and somtimes it doesn't even have the features that I am looking for.

I found the site is only half the way done as many of the features you click on it then it says it is not yet ready for use?
Is been 3 months already and is still showing me the same message?

the old design is better in a way that i found. It is simple nice and clear and is much easiler to use.






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Hey @PhilipT!


We actually quite enjoy our new design! Can you tell us a little more about which features are not working for you?


Did you try testing it from a different browser to see if it is giving you the same error messages?



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Shouldnt it be about the customer experience and not about FIDO enjoying the site?


I also have issues with the "new" site.. tried on explorer, safari and firefox.. 

Have to log in multiple times, pages not loading properly, want to see account details? good luck.


I think FIDO tried to fix something that wasnt broken.


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It's no wonder that Fido likes their new website - about the only thing you can do on it is give Fido money.


The old site was a useful tool for the customer whereas this new "improved" site has me pulling my hair out and wanting to strangle the designer.  


I agree with other posts - don't fix something that isn't broken.



I'm a Participant Level 1

The new website is not working for me too. Yes it is easy but with regards to payments especially with credit is not going through. But when you check your credit card transactions, you will see an authorized amount for every click on payments. I got $1 for each times 28..

I am only trying to pay a $100 but it is not even working.
Not safe anymore for payments.
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Good morning @Aaa72!


Thanks a lot for the feedback Smiley We are still working on some details!

Do you need help for your credit card payment today?