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Fido may be liar...

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi, I and my wife started working with fido 4 weeks ago as new comers in Canada. When we talked to sales person in Georgian Mall , he said if we choose fido , fido will waive $35 connection fee for each. But when I saw my first bill , they added it. I don't know how many times I talked to sales person and help line, nobody listens to me and they still tried to trick me. Either way they will charge connection fee although I have a text message as prove. At the beginning,  I asked especially for connection fee and they said no. Be careful folks, don't trust fido. I will share this post on everywhere to warn people. Even in canada big companies like Fido play games with customers. I will not be satisfied till they solve my problem 



Hello @Arat,


Welcome to the community and most of all welcome to Canada!


Sorry to hear you did not get what was promised its definitely not what Fido as a company wants.


$35 fee is usually charged when you do an activation or upgrade the fee is however waived if the upgrade is done through self-serve at


This is why when you spoke to customer service they are unable to waive the fee because they are going by their policy.


I have seen sometimes the stores have promotions where the fee is waived sometimes how it works is the gets charged and then you get a credit back on your 2nd or 3rd bill.


Since you did the transaction in-store and you have proof as you say I would suggest you go back to the store and speak with the person or ask to speak to the manager to have it sorted out.

I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Hi @Arat Welcome to the community Fido and welcome to Canada!


I'm sorry you seem to have been mislead by an individual seems that person may be new to Fido or that maybe a promotion that person new presented to you in store had expired? When you made a contract with Fido in store such waiver of service fees should have been mentioned in the agreement. You have to verify your agreement.


Fido is the most true provider and will honor any tangible agreement 100%!


Usually the setup fees are waived if you order over the internet.


I have changed my device several times that way and I can assure you this method is true.


As for other methods I can't reply for individual operating in Fido store as they make their promotions themselves.

If you have had an issue with a store or a promise from an employee of a store I suggest to take it on back with them.


But if it was not made in store,

 I can ask a moderator to send you a DM to look at your account.

Please keep us posted, I am looking out for your best interest and so is Fido.