Fido home phone 5/month question

Fido home phone 5/month question

Fido home phone 5/month question

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Fido home phone 5/month question

I've tried to get a string answer from fido support but I am being footballed between support reps that tell me to dial different numbers and which bring me to the wrong departments.

So my question is the following, about a year ago I bought fido modem and signed up for home phone. When my home phone price increased due to fido market price adjustment, I have cancelled the line, but since I have already bought the modem out i kept it.

Now there is a 5 $ month promo for home phone, can I use my modem that I have already purchased from fido to get on that plan.

My reason asking is that for every home phone promo that fido had , I was forced to buy a new modem even if I have already purchased directly from Fido.




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Hey everyone Smiley


Thanks so much for your insight  @Cawtau Smiley


If you're an existing Fido customer with a voice plan and Quebec phone number + you have a compatible home phone adapter, +  you're activating a brand new Home Phone service, you'll be able to benefit from the $5 monthly pricing Smiley


Do you know the model of your ZTE Home phone?



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Thank you for quick replies.


The offer is called moving-day offer, and yes it is under quebec provice where i reside.


I do have an active fido account with a plan and montreal phone number.


My modem is ZTE WF721 and i still have the old fido sim card within.

Awesome! You have the right device, but, you will need a new SIM card. 


You can pick one up for $10 at any Fido store. Smiley

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ok, do i just pass by fido keosk, mention 5 dollar plan, buy sim card and then i am on my merry way?

Yep! When you pass by a store to get a new SIM card for $10, just let them know that you would like to add a line for the Home Phone service as part of the moving day offer and they will be able to give you a hand with activating your new line. Smiley

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I will try to pass by fido as soon as i can. I just wonder if there was a special reason that i needed to buy a new sim card since i allready have one that came with the modem?

That'd be because the SIM card that you have has already been used on another line. 


SIM cards can only be activated on one line, so, you need a new one to activate another line.

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ah, i see. I will check out fido boutique and reply back on how things went.

Keep us posted @xflamewindx !



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I have passed by fido boutique today, and oh boy i was for a big surprise.


When i mentionned to Fido boutique sales rep that i wanted to add 5$ home phone moving day promo to my account and that i have allready bought the ZTE modem from fido earlier, the sales rep repled that it doesnt matter whether i have purchaded the modem from Fido earlier or not, i have to re-purchase $40 modem (no exceptions) and then pay 15$ line activation fee. 


When i tried to tell the sales rep that i talked with Fido community who mentionned that i still should be able to get the service without purchasing additional modem nor paying 15$ line activation fee, the sales rep did not want to listen to me or have any discussion, he just replied those are the rules and that it.


At this point I though its best not to pursue any further discussion at the boutique and i left, pretty sad.

Hey xflamewindx!


Oh no, that's not  right Sad I'll send you a PM so we can discuss what happened in more detail.


The promo is only available in store though. We'll figure it out. PM coming your way!



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As per your PM I will pass by another Fido store. Will post an update.

Talk to you soon!

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Just passed by fido store in place vertu mall. I was told that since I am not buying the modem I need to call customer support and tell them to activate new line. The name of the person is Kristina. I also got a Sim card from the store.

Hi there @xflamewindx


Thanks for checking that out. To be honest, as per our procedures, there's no reason the store should refuse to provide a new activation in this case. 


I'll send you a PM to discuss this further! Thanks again for reaching out about this!

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Hello Xflamewindx,


  Welcome to the community!


  I haven't been able to find any details regarding that particular promotion...


  While you should be able use your existing home phone adapter with Fido home phone service, most promotions have stipulations such as a discounted price for a limited period and possibly only available for new home phone customers. Using your old adapter would mean you're not a new home phone customer and would likely not be eligible for the promotion.


  I'm speculating based on previous promotions. However, it's possible the details of this promotion are different...


Hope this helps Smiley