Fido dollars bail/phone order fail

Fido dollars bail/phone order fail

Fido dollars bail/phone order fail

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Fido dollars bail/phone order fail

This past couple of weeks, I had been dropping into Fido outlets and phoning 611 to get clear answers about ordering a new phone with my expiring Fido dollars. I had a specific model in mind but none of the retail outlets nor phone support said they could simply order or reserve one for me, their actual solution was to keep going to more stores more often, which isn't always easy working 12-15 hour shifts. After waiting in line to simply hear the word "no", with no solutions or even apologies for the inconvenience had me questioning the intentions behind letting Fido dollars expire in the first place.

But I thought I was finally in luck on July 5, after spending two hours on hold while simultaneously trying in vain t reach support through the online chat portal, the painful loop of the same handful of song stopped abruptly and a friendly voice asked how they could help me. It was a very pleasant exchange that got me in a much better mood for having gotten through and I renewed my contract to order a be phone to replace my 4-yr-old workhorse phone with the $200+ in Fido dollars I had saved up for this day.

The phone rep assured me that finally, there was plenty of stock to go around for everyone and assured me multiple times that the phone I wanted would arrive "in a day or two". But two days later I got a garbled email that did not display properly when I opened it. What I could make out was that I should refer to an attached image, but no attachment was visible.

I called customer service yesterday (day 3) and was told "the whole system is down. Please call back tomorrow." I called back late afternoon anyway and another rep read the email to me and explained that no, there was not enough stock to go around, sorry, and I should receive my phone maybe kinda within 3 weeks.

Is getting a new phone through a loyalty program actually supposed to involve numerous hours trying to source the phone, hours on hold, then days or weeks waiting for what I was repeatedly assured would arrive "in a day or two"?

Too bad the Fido dollars could no longer be used to pay one's balance as before. I'm trying to find reasons to stick with the service because I don't think this hunting and waiting is even worth the $200+ I had been trying to make use of. This treatment is either more like a shell game or just fail after fail.



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I'm sad to read of your experience. Sad This is definitely not what we want our customers to go through. We have been receiving a much higher volume of requests than usual, but it doesn't justify the runaround you got.


May I ask which phone you ordered?