Fido data usage vs my data manager app

Fido data usage vs my data manager app

Fido data usage vs my data manager app

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Fido data usage vs my data manager app

I have an app (Android) that tracks my data usage.  When I compare it with what the Fido usage, Fido shows my usage as over 3 times as much.  I have synchronize the app to track acording to my billing cycle.  This has been really bothering me in the last few months.  What is going on? I also notice from this forum, I am not the one person who has this kind of discrepanies.   I understand that there is a 4 hours difference between what is shown and what the actual is.  But this much difference is troubling.  I am not using a Blackberry phone, or iphone.  I usually have the GPS off.  Or is it time to switch to another carrier?






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First thing first: I would remove data management app.  99% of the time the data management app is the cause of your data overage.  


Second: Remove any apps that you do not use, never use, or don't intend to use for the next week/month (e.g., Westjet app, Air Canada app,...etc).  Sometimes those apps themselves are so full of "junkware" that it will use up your data.  If the app can't be uninstalled, disable them. You can always redownload them later when you need it.


Third: Follow what Kapable-K mentioned above: Use the data tracker that is build into your phone.  It is not 100% accurate, but it will give you decent real time information about your data usage.


Forth: Log into your Fido My account to monitor your data usage. Keep note that there might be a 24h delay for Fido to update your usage.


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I understand you are using an app to track your data usage whats the name of the app that you are using? It could be a problem with the app itself.


You don't need an app to track your data usage if you are using an Android phone the Android OS itself can do that you can get more info on how to set that up here.