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Fido community

I visited to look at my fido dollars (something I do but once a year). When I got here, I was surprised to see so much change. Impressed by the new online architecture, I dug around and found social media integrated with an anchored online forum — cool.


Not to bore members of this forum, but this impresses me as a strategic brand developer. Not in so far as the methods (very sound by the way), but how Fido has welcomed this undertaking.

I can’t say I’ll be visiting these forums on a regular basis (I’m a bit of an old tie-wearing grump), but I will certainly visit more than I did these past 18 years.


What does everyone here engage in? Is there a support culture here, or perhaps a lifestyle/social attraction here? You’ll have to excuse the questions, I’m curious of the online culture.



Hey there @Drexus!


Welcome to the Fido Community!


We’re really happy to hear you like the new architecture. We put a lot of effort into it!

It’s always nice to hear some positive feedback Smiley


It would be my pleasure to elaborate on the type of Community we have here; it’s a support Community, with a twist Very_Happy Fido Customers come here to get answers, but they also visit to discuss hot topics, upcoming devices, new services, etc etc. It's not always about support, it's also a great place to have general discussions about anything and everything Wireless. 


I could go on, but I feel as though one of our MVPs would be in an even better position to elaborate (they know more than I do lol)


@Cawtau@Wufai@zyx@Paolo, care to share your two cents? 




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Hi Drexus,


Im Paolo. Ive been on here for a while now and absolutely love it.  I started out by giving advice to others as I know its tough looking for answers when your new to Fido or cell phones in general. I am now involved in a mix of helping ppl out and socializing on here to see whats new and trending.  Welcome!